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Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition coming to Xbox One, PC on December 4


Oh lol. I had a disc copy of the PS4 version for months and finally caved and played it, all April long. 100 hours, true ending, all the quests... Everything except for all the targets.

I was pretty sure that the definitive edition was funded by Nintendo, and it was never going to leave the switch...that's what I read here anyways.

I hate you Nintendo fans.


No wonder they're putting the crappy version on PC Gamepass right now, I was suspicious it wasn't the definitive edition yet, SHADY BASTARDS!


Pity. Now I don't know which version to play. Will need to give a good look on the extra content to see if it is worth the downgrade.


I'm good. I played 100 hours on pc at launch. Even with a free upgrade it is unlikely I'd replay it. Definetly not rebuying the game.
For a start there's the Japanese dub, a symphonic soundtrack, and a 2D mode that makes it look like retro DQ.
It seems it will also be an overall worse looking version of the game, because it's an uprezzed port of the Switch version and not an expanded revision of the Ps4 version
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It seems it will also be and overall worse looking version of the game, because it's an uprezzed Port of the Switch version and not an expanded revisione of the Ps4 version

Fairly gutting, aye :messenger_weary: I expected them to make us pay for a new version of the game rather than releasing it as paid DLC (because let's be real, it's Square Enix), but it being a port of the Switch version kinda came out of left field.
it has Slightly downgrade graphic with Significant more content and QoL . Compare this to FF8 remaster is insulting

Having Switch graphics on PC hardware is insulting. If I wanted to play more content with downgraded graphics, I would've gotten a Switch for that! Pull your head out of your ass Nomura!

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Wow, fuck that news. No reason for PC players to not buy the original, then.

The lower-res assets work on Switch because you're probably playing it in portable mode (or, at least, you should be, because it looks nasty blown up on a TV), but porting all of that to 4K versions is just lame as hell.


sometime you need to disobey law for justice
i won't pay full price for S on steam while i own previous edition
Your bullshit begin to become tiring SE.

Potential PC buyers after this news:

i have no shame with current context
they are confusing average pc owners with average console ones.
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Yes, I will buy this a third time. Loved both times I have played it, so will enjoy revisiting it again. Might just stick to the 2D mode this time around, or if not, try out the Japanese dialogue. Even though I think the English voices are great.

Assuming this will have a new trophy set as well? That'd help give further incentive for my play again.


I played this game and remember enjoying it but I don't remember anything about it(I have memory issues). That being said this looks good and I'll probably give it a try when I can afford it
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