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Drew Scanlon is leaving Giant Bomb

Just announced on the Bombcast. Last day is the third of March.

You will be missed Drew.


As soon as he said he has news my heart sank as I've thought he would be the next to leave.

I'm really fucking bummed right now.


Wow. That meme really took off for him, didn't it?

(Going to miss him on the Bombcasts. Where is he really off to?)
whoaaaa!!! I grew to capital-L Love Drew on the Bombcast. So.. best of luck to him but also it sucks!

Curious to see how this shapes the future of GB West.



I mean, I guess the writing was on the wall, with him basically becoming a world travelling, pilot superhero.

All the best, Drew!
God damn it, that sucks. Drew's been a source of joy, amusement, bemusement, bewilderment, and merriment to Giant Bomb over the years. Even though West got a little empty of late, we always had Drew.

God speed and best of luck to you in the future, Scanlon.
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