DriveClub INSANE new gameplay B-Roll footage (Nilgiri Hills, India)

I think live streaming will sell a fair few copies. While the player will be focused squarely on the action with little regard for anything else, passive viewers will be gawping at all that splendorous scenery on display.

You might think all pretty effects and attention to detail don't serve a role, but they do.
Environments look INSANE. Game looks insane.

Please release this video in higher quality somewhere. I need to see this in higher quality.
The lighting just looks so natural. Not oversaturated or blown out with ridiculous lens flares.

If they make a photo or replay mode for this, we are going to see some amazing screenshots.
Looks so awesome. Judging by feedback it plays great too. Only thing is I wish I could turn down some effects or resolution to get 60fps. I almost never care about Fps but in a racing game 30 really shows.
Wasn't a fan of Driveclub until I saw the India footage from last time.

I hope they can add in rain and snow, I'd pay for that if they can't get it in before the game goes gold. Just imagine running the lush vegetation in a dark thunderstorm, with rain and the booming of the clouds above you.

Driveclub's audio and visuals would make rain and snow soooo good.