Drunk GAF, what are you drinking?

I'm rather pleasantly buzzed on Stella Artois right now. Because I'm classy. Still trying to play games but it's getting more and more difficult. How about you?
Run and coke with lime. Owning lucioball with my girlfriend like a mother fucker

Seriously they just need to put my face on the box already
Evan Williams mixed with various things through the night. I was actually pretty hungover this morning after a long night with friends last night, so I wasn't planning on drinking. But then I read the news of the day and can't really deal, so here i am.
All of you saying Jameson should visit the Distillery in Ireland. You can do so for free by going to a couple of bars the night before and 'checking in'. Then wake up hungover and get some fine, fine whiskey while taking a tour. Fuck I loved Ireland. What an awesome place.

It helps to deal. I am out of the Stella, but Mr. Sam Adams is still a patriot and there for us in our time of need.

Both good choices. I'm delving into Nioh at the moment and it's helping distract me though I'm considering starting Wolfenstein for the catharsis.
My go to weekend afternoon drink is a variation on a Godfather. Normally it's Scotch + Amaretto poured over ice, but I sub the Scotch for Kentucky bourbon. Not a huge Scotch fan.

And because I'm super cheap, these are my brands:
My maaaaan I adoooore Red Stag - I wish I could find something else I enjoy drinking straight as much as that.
Not "drunk" but I had some Hudson Baby Bourbon last night. Incredible stuff.

Also just came back from a beach trip where we were knocking back quite a few Leinenkugel's grapefruit shandies. Great summer drink.