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DSFix 2.3 taken down after DMCA complaint [Up: Was mistake; being resolved]


Hi Dropbox User,

We've received a notification under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") from BANDAI NAMCO Games Germany GmbH that the following material is claimed to be infringing:


Accordingly, under Section 512(c)(1)(C) of DMCA, we've removed or disabled access to the material that is claimed to be infringing or to be the subject of infringing activity.

As a result of this notice, public sharing on your account has been disabled. We will reinstate your account's public links if you remove the file(s) listed above from your account.

Please be aware that copyright infringement violates our Terms of Service and Copyright Policy, which can be found at:


Also note that Dropbox has a policy of terminating the accounts of repeat infringers. If you repeatedly use Dropbox to infringe copyrights, your account will be terminated and you will lose access to your files.

If you believe that this DMCA notice was sent in error, you may file a counter notification. That notification must comply substantially with 17 U.S.C. § 512(g)(3) and include a statement under penalty of perjury of a good faith belief that the DMCA notice was the result of mistake or misidentification.

You can submit a counter notification using our online form here:


or by sending it to the following address:

Copyright Agent
Dropbox Inc.
185 Berry Street, Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94107

- The Dropbox Team

This is utter bullshit of course, especially since DSfix does not include any of their material.

I'm actually amazed that they would do this. I mean WTF.

Good news: everything's ok guys!
I just called Volker Rieck from FDS File Defense Service. They were indeed hired by Bandai Namco, but not the germany division, but the US Europe one, to take down all the debug mode patches.

Dutante's DSfix was not part of the plan!
Mr. Rieck is currently writing emails to Namco and dropbox to clear everything. Durante is allowed to reupload the patch, there is nothing wrong with it.

Mr. Rieck was nice and took the time to explain the situation to me. I am currently on the phone, so I might add a bit more information when I come home in a few hours.

edit: also shame on the guy who send him a mail full of threats. He was a bit disturbed by that.

edit2: It was Bamco Europe who was asked by Bamco Japan, not US. Misremembered that, sorry!


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Fuck you Scamco. What's next? People gonna get banned for using it?

Can they detect that it's being used at all? The FPS hack maybe? Can we get a comment from anonymous japanese contributor?


Jesus. Why on earth would Bamco attempt this, considering all the goodwill you've helped generate for the port in the first place?

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took your files to fix dark souls 2 problems and sell it for $60 ?


Japanese corporate culture at it's finest.

Remember when they pressured the Japanese govt to outlaw used games?



They're afraid that mods will give users for free what they want to charge money for in the future.

So uh, should I grab DSFix 2.3 quickly from somewhere? Still need to get around to playing DS1/DS2.


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How many fucking copies of Dark Souls are you responsible for selling? How much revenue has Namco reaped off your work?

This is a absolutely fucking disgraceful, holy shit. Like I never get outraged... this just boils my blood.
Nice. There's no better thanks for fixing a game than Namco's kick in the face lol.

Oh well, watch me buy less of your games I guess.


What the actual fuck? First, like Durante says, DSfix doesn't have any code or copyrightable stuff by Bamco in it so it's a bullshit claim striaght up but secondly, if it wasn't for Durante fixing their piece of shit PC port it wouldn't have been anywhere near a fraction as successful as it has been.

What a bunch of ungrateful twats.


This is dumb as fuck. I would recommend everyone posting this on their Twitter and posting this dumb move to RPS/PC GAMER/EUROGAMER....
Wow, what a total bullshit move.

Talk about just risking killing positive goodwill for their busted ass PC port by attacking the hardcore base that made it so popular.


I'm guessing this is a mistake and namco will fix this promptly. Inform them via twitter.
Edit: Durante I wouldn't take this personally, probably some clueless european rep who doesn't understand the fix or your contribution to the games success.


This is straight up disgusting on Namco's part. I can't imagine how much worse their sales on PC would have been without your work.


Dear Durante,

Please refrain from fixing our games and showcasing our incompetence to the world.


This might be a new low for Bamco, have some respect when fans invest their own time to fix your shortcomings you fools, damn.
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