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Duck Dynasty The Video Game Trailer

From the Duck Dynasty Facebook page (some one shared it, i swear)
We’ve got a quacktastic announcement for y’all! #DuckDynasty the Video Game will be released this fall! Check out this sneak peek.

Out October 14, 2014 PS4, PS3, Xbox One, 360, 3DS



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They have their name on everything else. It's no surprise there would be a video game. I use to see countless amounts of hats and t-shirts worn out in public.


I knew this day would come. Be still my beating heart.

This game will fly off shelves.

Right into bargain bins a few months later.
surprised it took this long for a game to be made for duck dynasty, show is losing its popularity i think, it was huge before

will buy for $5 on black friday :p, i wanna be Si the god


See, if I was their marketing guy, I'd coordinate with the Rabbids people. I'd release an ad declaring this "Duck" season. They'd release an ad declaring it "Rabbid" season.

We'd go back and forth with the ads. Duck season! Rabbid season! Duck season! Rabbid season!

And then after we've all had a good laugh and the game's two days from release I might start thinking about marketing the game itself.


I'm envisioning a Telltale-style game with dialogue trees, except every branch of those trees ends with intolerance
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