During your childhood, what was "that game"?

You know, the game that you couldn't put down, everything about it just blew your mind, it defined your future gaming taste.

Has to be Secret of Mana on the SNES for me. This was the best thing I'd ever played. The whole leveling up, playing with a mate, working our way towards the end goal. The epic music. The story. That's where my love of JRPGs began.


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A Freeware game called Robot Junior:

This game is still loads of fun today btw and only the germans here might have played it :(

I'm a bit younger than most of GAF but nevertheless my parents bought me a megadrive,
( probably because they were cheap by this point ) and I fell in love with this game at the age of 6.


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Joust. Simple enough that I could grasp it, but when you completed a round, you felt like a fucking champ.
I wouldn't say any single game defined me though. I'm more into RPGs now, but I wasn't a huge fan as a kid. I did like this Mac Roguelike called Taskmaster.
Final Fantasy 6. (well, it was 3 back then, whatever.)

After I beat it, i came home every day after school, loaded up my final save file, and refought the last boss and rewatched the entire ending for at least a month. I held an old fisher price tape player with a microphone recorder up to my TV's speaker so I could have a tape with the entire ending on it.

Good times.
I'll say Tekken 3. PSX was my first home console since the NES, and I denied the option to get Tekken 1, 2, and Crash Bandicoot in order to get Tekken 3, and it was totally worth it.
Super Mario RPG and Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries.

Super Mario RPG was one of the first RPGs I invested a lot of time into. I tried to get all the secrets and maxed all the characters etc. It's not even my favorite RPG of the SNES, but it did become that game.

MW2: Mercenaries was my first multiplayer game. It was awesome. I also learned how to type because of that game.
Final Fantasy IV. That shaped me into a RPG gamer back then and made it my favorite genre. Then roughly 13 years later Oblivion shaped me into a western RPG gamer, I haven't been able to enjoy a JRPG since that game which is weird because I didn't think a game could have that affect on me at that "old" of an age.

edit: Super mario rpg was also pretty mindblowing to me when it came out. I would play a real sequel to that game.
Winback Covert Operations; VS Deathmatch was godly.

It was the only game I had for a year with my PS2. I was shocked to see how many different turns the story can take, no other shooters have so many events that can happen or not depending on how you go through the game. Your freaking Mentor can be the final boss, he is a traitor... but you can also get the actual evil mastermind as a final boss and never learn about your mentor being croocked IIRC. You can also save the lives of many people in your squad, mass effect style, if you play fast enough. I remember fighting a bunch of cool bosses too.

I am always shocked to see reviews as they are all so negative... I got MGS2 later and thought it was a lesser action game in both gameplay and story. Heck, right now I am thinking maybe I enjoyed it more than even MGS3, that might be because Winback gave me full control of the camera which I loved.

My dad picked it randomly when he sent me a PS2 near launch in Haiti. My friends and I were playing Snes and Genesis then. Well... other holidays he also randomly got without me asking FFX, Gran Turismo 3 and a Pokemon gold(GB bundle). ;_;
I'd say it's easily : Yoshi's Island.
Although FFIII came close along with Mystic Quest (put down the pitchforks, I'm talking about the GB game).

There's also Ocarina of Time, I think this game have the record of the number of copies I own and I think I finished it at least 3 times per version (original/cd+MQ/zelda collectors edition).
I spent more time in that fishing minigame than I did playing Zelda Tp I think....And I did the 3hearts challenge on that one too.


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I'd say Pokémon Blue, but before that, Turma da Mônica em O Resgate, the Brazilian version of Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap for the Master System.

That shit was so freaking epic back then.



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Turrican on the Atari ST. Played it until the floppy got burnt out (label was scorched brown and everything.)

Shooting, exploring and amazing music. Gaming perfection.
Normally, I'd be tempted to list Wasteland, but there were games that came first and it comes down to Adventure or Raiders of the Lost Ark on the Atari 2600. Probably Raiders even if it's not as tight as Adventure. Love me some early, pre-Zelda console action-adventures.
Sonic the hedgehog MD series especially sonic 1, I played that game daily for years, also still remember the day when I had sonic 2, did not know any cheats (this was near launch) and me and two friends finally got to death egg zone, then we had to turn it off as it was late :'(

Man, what a past.
A few games come to mind. First Sonic 3&K for the varied level design and incredible music. Later, when I was a bit older, Suikoden II captured my gamer heart with its incredibly awesome story (proof that not all JRPG's have to have weird convoluted bullshit for a story) and crazy sidequesting, and overall scale of epic.
Probably Super Mario World in terms of "yeah, I need to play every Mario game from now on" (since the only time I got to play the NES games was at my cousin's house), but Mario 64 I got 120 stars on the 4 save files without playing any games in between, :lol.