DW7E and Ken's Rage 2 are digital only on PS3 in NA and no dubs for everyone!

May 15, 2006
It's sad in a way, but in another, it just seems more like this is the "new normal" for Koei. And hey, it beats not getting games at all.

Now, I only wish that we could be guaranteed that stuff like the most recent ROT3K and Nobunaga games would get similar treatment. I mean, as long as we're not caring about dubs anymore, and digital is a feasible option...
Jul 12, 2008
You guys are insane. FotNS:Ken's Rage was awesome. Best Musou game. You just need to learn how to play it better.
Sorry, not vested in the Fist of the North Star so nostalgia doesn't make up for how slow (why is this slower than DW) and clunky that game was. The Capcom musou game has surpassed both Namco and KT when it comes to the musou games. Fast and fluid action trumps licenses.