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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Xbox surprise children’s hospitals across the country with custom Xbox Series X consoles


Threads likes this are great because kids get to have cool shit and I finally get to use the ignore list, some of you on here should be fucking ashamed just gross
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People with fair skin are jovially called "white breads" around here sometimes, in comparison to more southern types with olive or darker skin.


Two decades after our first partnership unveiling the original Xbox, global entertainment icon and entrepreneurial force, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Xbox are teaming up to once again to celebrate the launch of the next generation of Xbox. This time, we are partnering with Gamers Outreach to give twenty children’s hospitals across the nation the very first batch of custom Xbox Series X consoles and specialized Gamers Outreach Karts, also known as GO Karts, which are portable kiosks built to easily provide recreation to children who are unable to leave their rooms in hospitals.

An unforgettable surprise for kids across the country, the custom Xbox Series X features Johnson’s iconic Brahma Bull logo representing strength, resilience, heart and power, and includes a special engraved message for kids alongside his signature summoning hope and goodwill:

“Keep smiling and have fun. Love, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson”

Custom Xbox Series X consoles are accompanied by customized Xbox Wireless Controllers with a matching gold Brahma Bull and will be featured on the portable GO Karts outfitting the hospitals. The GO Karts were built specifically for hospitals to empower and bring joy to families through play, giving kids access to interactive entertainment and the chance to socialize via video games.

Johnson announced the partnership and gave fans an initial look at the very first custom Xbox Series X console on social media on Monday, November 9. Over the next year, more than 50,000 kids will be able to play with the GO Karts and custom Xbox Series X consoles and Xbox Wireless Controllers at the following hospitals: Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Children’s Hospital Colorado, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Children’s Hospital Orange County, Children’s Hospital St. Louis, Children’s Wisconsin, C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, Dell Children’s Medical Center, Franciscan Hospital for Children, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, Methodist Children’s Hospital, Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s, MUSC Children’s Health, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, Riley Hospital for Children, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Shriners Hospitals for Children – Northern CA, Texas Children’s Hospital, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital and UNM Children’s Hospital.

We are thrilled to partner with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to bring next generation console gaming to children’s hospitals across the country and appreciate his consistent commitment to bringing joy to kids’ lives through the power of play with Xbox.

To find out more about Gamers Outreach and their mission to build a world where play is accessible in hospitals, please visit www.GamersOutreach.org.

Good for Microsoft and The Rock for doing this. Very cool.

Kudos to Rock & MS, this is such a wonderful gesture.


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Great stuff. Those of you taking the piss deserve to spend Christmas in hospital with a broken dick.


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People with fair skin are jovially called "white breads" around here sometimes, in comparison to more southern types with olive or darker skin.

Hmm that's nice, I only hear that I look like that I work in limekiln :messenger_angry:
I never heard that word ever, seems weird to be said it like that in English, it's a white powder


Shameless PR stunt. We need more companies making more shameless PR stunts like this. It brings happiness to children.
using good news like these to wage console wars its a new low
Would've been not a bad idea to answer to this posting within a timeframe of a month or so. Because back when I wrote this, you'd have easily understood the reference. Now, taken out of context, you can come in here and shit on the post calling it a "new low". Have you been here when Sony was listening to "more important voices" and virtue signalling all day without actually doing anything productive that would remotely come close to them practicing what their marketing propaganda preaches?
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