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Dying Light 2: Stay Human Official Review Thread


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Alright, so I think I've had enough of Dying Light 2 right now. It just shouldn't have been released in this state. After a good start last night, the games wart and now just popping up all over the body of the game: game won't save controller preference (so I've got KB&M prompts instead of controller); grabbing enemies for a takedown causes them to turn around and lunge at me (alerting other enemies around them) - and then they die afterwards because that's how the takedown is meant to work; restarting the game or reloading or dying puts you in different parts of the map instead of either the closest safe house or where you quit the game, and if you are at night this might cause you to have less immunity (a timer on how long you can stay outside) than you should; the settings menu lists the wrong description for what the settings do; your main character will randomly just get stuck on something and not able to move forward (looking down at your feet will sometimes show that your foot is clipping through the terrain so I'm guessing that's the issue); using DX12 increases performance (for me at least) but introduces wild graphical artifacts when indoors; if you die during combat the combat music will continue playing until you resolve ANY combat situation. There are just the issues that I've experienced in the last few hours of play and that are not one off issues. Other stuff pops up (like your character changing out of the outfits after a reload) aren't major and don't impact gameplay or immersion but it they are out there.

. . .this honestly blows because underneath is actually a good game that does seem to have made some good improvements to the first game, but right now is just being kneecapped by a QA process that spectacularly failed.


I really hope the will fix the input delay during the combat. I don't understand why they choose to change the responsiveness of buttons. I played DL1 recently and there is an universe of difference. The weapon seems useless more heavy, please update this shit via patch, I can't stand it.


DL2 is getting review bombed on metacritic for not including italian audio. ~5.0 user score currently.




I'm glad that racism towards this game or the developers behind it (as e.g. displayed in this thread) and the anti-Polonism are not stopping it from being successful. It's a fun title, looking forward to the future support from devs too!


Man, this is exactly my cup of tea. Just exploring the city and pulling together some parkour moves is enough to entertain me for weeks. Sure some of the voice acting and story choices are not top-notch but the fantastic gameplay loop makes this easy above average.


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Techland's undead sequel Dying Light 2 improves upon the strongest element of its predecessor, but things like story and characters drag it down.

When developer Techland added the subtitle "Stay Human" to Dying Light 2, it seemed to signal the team's intentions to rediscover (and showcase) the humanity nestled at the core of the story. Since 2018, the team has made promises about the numerous narrative branches Dying Light 2 players would find in the game. Those branches are there, and they are indeed plentiful, but experiencing them felt equivalent to falling out of a tree and hitting my face on every branch on the way down. While Dying Light 2's most crucial element, first-person parkour, is certainly better than it's ever been in this massive sequel, much of the rest of the game fails to keep up.
Them Italians get spicy when riled.

Er, this post is not meant to be racist, but it could be construed as such.

I will say those user score reviews are often better and more entertaining than the writing in the actual game.


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Them Italians get spicy when riled.

Er, this post is not meant to be racist, but it could be construed as such.

I will say those user score reviews are often better and more entertaining than the writing in the actual game.
I'm italian and italians not learning some english is fucking bullshit, especially because italian va is absolute trash in 99% of cases, they literally want to play the worst version of the game.
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