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E3 2009 gifs/Photoshops Thread


I don't care about high res screens or trailers, only the hilarity caused by E3 (though serious gameplay gifs are welcome). I'll kick off with some instant classics:

Add more.


Dragnet said:
:lol :lol Why was he writing it down? :lol

That's how some Japanese to English translators work. They take note as the persons talking so they can remember everything that was said.


We really need some gifs/shops/videos from Nintendo where Bill and Reggie shot som hoops....and when it started to.....yeah...hahah.....when Reggie started to moan and Bill asked him "how does it feel Reggie".....we were literally rolling around the floor laughing. But our laughs almost killed us during the dude pulling out the Sony Dildo, almost saying "Wii Remote", and couldn't stop giggling himself. THAT was hilarius!!

Need more gif/shop/UTVids!
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