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E3 2016 rumor and unannounced game recap thread


DEVIL MAY FUCKING CRY. If that is announced Sony can announce that Crash is coming back as a bunch of ad ons to LBP3 and I would still consider this E3 fantastic.







Don't Rockstar and Sony have some kind of existing deal for an exclusive game already? I swear the story with Agent was that they negotiated an exclusive title, but Rockstar put it to one side to focus on other projects, and Sony agreed on the condition that they'd still get their exclusive title eventually. I didn't follow if closely, but I swear this was the story I heard.


Mine is pretty and pink
Is it in here you write your wetdream E3 fanfics? Kinda seems like it after the "Rockstar exclusive(lol)" talk happened in here.


Mine is pretty and pink
Ape Escape 4 and Klonoa 3 have a chance?

I'm going to be honest with you, they have a smaller chance of showing up than Half life 3.
Which still means that there potentially is a chance that they'll show up at this E3, just like any game has the potential of being shown.
No there isn't a rumor. I just want these games to happen :p

When my wife and I were dating, Klonoa was the one game she really loved and beat. Would be awesome to see what they could do with it now. Oh well, the other 100 games I wanna see will have to suffice.


It's playable at Koei Tecmo's booth. I imagine there will either be a new trailer at the PlayStation press conference, or released by Koei Tecmo on their own.
Thank you - hoping some gaffer thats played the alpha is at E3 to try what I assume is a newer demo!

ps3ud0 8)


Job posting from Capcom for a QA Project Manager:
Have you managed sports game QA while gazing longingly towards Capcom thinking about how you’d coordinate the testing of an open world 3rd person action game?

Probably Dead Rising?



No reason to believe this account though

I hope it's just someone trying to get attention but we all know about the whole "Insomniac is now a true believer of VR, several VR titles in development" news all around the internet. I just want a proper AAA Spidey game already with proper web-swinging mechanics.
So apparently the unannounced Spidey game is a VR title?


Huge disappointment if true. I don't see Spidey gameplay translating well to PS VR (I mean high velocity swinging, acrobatics and dodging is hard to emulate in room scale gaming sessions).

First tweet is June 9th.

Yeah, all good - we can safely dismiss this guy, given that we all could have opened a Twitter account and written the same stuff since June 9th.
eh, it is another new account
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#E3 is coming up. I work at Sony Interactive Entertainment. No one is gonna believe the things I'll say but that's why I'm doing this :p
yep, legit as fuck lol


Who is this person?

Glad I have my bundle pre-ordered. I'm ready

No idea, saw it on another forums with Spidey game fans. Pretty much killed all my hype if true, I don't see Spidey VR working. At least not without getting into a booth and having your brain hooked up directly so you're in the game sci-fi style.
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