E3 2017 - Hopes. Dreams. Predictions

Dreams: Heavenly Sword 2, a 3D, fully voiced Western gay dating sim with high production values, a Tomb Raider reboot by ex-Core Design devs, The Order sequel.

Don't really have any hopes that aren't so unrealistic that they belong in the dreams category. As for predictions, I'd probably just be making the same obvious ones that everyone else is making.
- Sly Reboot
- From/JP Studio New IP
- Switch VC with GC games

- inFamous Collection for PS4 by Bluepoint or inFamous 5
- Harry Potter RPG
- James Bond game

- Super Smash Bros Switch Spring 2018
- Detroit in August/GOW in March
- Spyro Trilogy
I hope to get all of these:

  • Super Mario Odyssey
  • New Metroid game
  • Retro's new game
  • New Advance Wars game
  • Smash hint (just a hint would be awesome)

  • Bully 2
  • Red Dead Redemption 2

  • New Castlevania metroidvania style

Double Fine:
  • Psychonauts 2

And I really hope a Grim Dawn 2. Really REALLY hope to it... come on Crate Entertainment!
I just want Rockstar to be there for the first time ever. I want a new Red Dead trailer, maybe a bundle announcement.

I want to see Cyberpunk 2077 - an extended ten minute gameplay trailer and demo.

I want thatgamecompany to show their new project - and it be as peaceful as ever.

I want some more God of War footage with a date! I love old Kratos.

I want the Scorpio reveal to be impressive and offer new competition - along with the ability to play old games with some beautiful downsampling. Hell, I want Xbox to offer some new exclusives that don't involve the big three.

I'd like to see a reveal of the new Tomb Raider, focused more on platforming and puzzles rather than gunplay.

I want to see new footage of The Last of Us, and with Elle as the main protagonist.

I want a new Hot Shots Tennis game! Something built exclusively with new hardware.

I'd like EA to reveal a new NBA Street game - god damn, it's time! No more Live, please.

Nintendo give me Bayonetta 3!

I want AGENT to be revealed and Bloodborne II to appear. I want Remedy to be working on Max Payne 4, with Mona as the focus!

I'm not expecting much but hoping for everything!
Dream announcements:
  • New Final Fantasy Tactics or Tactics Ogre.
  • Valkyria Chronicles 3 remake, or just a new Chronicles title (lead by Shuntaro Tanaka).
  • Bloodborne 2 / whatever the fuck From Software wants to give me next.
  • Hiroyuki Ito rips off a janitor uniform, male-stripper style, to announce his FF16.
  • Switch VC, bundled with the announcement of a Nintendo trophy system that applies to them.
  • The World Ends With You Too (announced by U2's very confused Bono).
  • Tabata announces his retirement to become a monk.

What I think will actually happen:
  • Tabata has eaten Nomura, but not absorbed his ability to make good games.
  • Every SE game now directed by Tabata (except for the ones directed by Toriyama).
  • Tabata.
  • Chrono Trigger/Cross/3 announced.
I expect them to focus on 2 games at a time with the Switch. Show Zelda - Reveal Mario, Show Mario - Reveal Metroid with other lower budget games/3rd party sprinkled in.
That's not what happened with Zelda and Mario and if you think Mario and Metroid are the only bigger games from them this E3 i think you might be mistaken.

Kamiya Asks: which Dante x Bayo do you guys want to see
We all thought he was trolling, but the joke will be on us.
He also asked whether people would rather like to see a sequel to Okami or Viewtiful Joe...
He also asked whether people would rather like to see a sequel to Okami or Viewtiful Joe...
He is doing all of them. Every single tweet was true!!!

Though seriously, he had a bunch of DMC X Bayo related tweets and everyone just laughed that he is trolling as usual. It'll be so funny if DMC x Bayo actually turned out to be true.
Dream: Soul Reaver remake or reboot on the foundation engine.

EDIT: Like, fuck Tomb Raider. They can turn Soul Reaver into their more puzzle platformer oriented franchise.
I find the best things at E3 are the ones I never knew I wanted till they were announced. That being said, I would like Sony to have a couple really cool VR games revealed and Id like nintendo to announce a robust lineup for their virtual console on Switch. Im waiting to buy a switch until they start releasing NES and Super NES games on it.
Anything that's not already completely expected by Nintendo.

Animal Crossing Switch
Metroid Switch
F-Zero Switch
Unreal Championship Switch
New Rocksmith
New Theme Hospital
Monkey Ball Switch
Rock n Roll Racing Switch
Kingdom Hearts 3 a beautiful CGI trailer with coming 2018 in the end, not even kidding some of those KH CGI cutscenes and trailers are sooooooooooooooooooo good.

And info on the story dlc of Zelda BotW.
Not any other hopes or dreams because i know Odyssey, God of War Red Dead and more are gonna be fantastic already. A few surprises would be nice tho.

Stat Flow

He gonna cry in the car
I am hoping for:

Spider-Man trailer and release date
God of War trailer and release date
Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay trailer
DMC 5 starring Dante/Virgil

Some great switch stuff and a hard date for Odyssey
Hope: Pokemon Star announced.
Dream: Super Smash Bros coming out "TODAY!" surprise announcement.
Prediction: Mario Odyssey releases in December.

Hope: FF7 Remake Gameplay
Dream: FF7 Remake demo available "RIGHT NOW"!!!! :D
Prediction: Days Gone, Spider-man, TLOU2, GoW gameplay, and 1 or 2 surprise announcements

Hope: Show some new IPs that look truly amazing and unique
Dream: OG Xbox backwards compatibility!!!
Prediction: Scorpio Release Date/Price, Forza 7, Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2 gameplay. 1 or 2 surprise announcements. Indies reel!
Final Fantasy IV Remake for Switch. Also DmC 2.

Plus most of what y'all said already. Smash Switch, Stars, KHIII, 7R, yada yada yada.
You're asking that the Final Fantasy with already a remake and a lot of ports have another version? Nope.

Give me FF VI Remake for the Switch and I will buy the console asap.
After stuff like FF7R and especially Shenmue 3, I don't think there's any other dream worth mentioning that isn't Golden Sun 4.

Camelot probably doesn't even exist as it did in the past, but christ, I refuse to accept Nintendo will let the series die with that gigantic cliffhanger looming over us. Surely the Golden Sun will rise again... maybe, possibly... pretty please?

I'll buy another 3 decades worth of Mario Sports games if you do it, Nintendo.
what i hope/expect for:

Detroid - release date this year
Days Gone - new gameplay that blows me away. (this game was on my mind since it's gameplay reveal)
GT Sport- release date this year
Last of Us Part 2 - i don't expect them to show at E3. Way too early considering it's coming at best 2018. Probably a Playstation Experience 2017 reveal.
God Of War - Release this year
basically just more of the games they already revealed plus a few new reveals would be enough to make me happy. They are just so far ahead in terms of games coming to the console anyway.

in general for the Switch i hope for games i didn't expect.
More Mario Odyssey.
New and improved Mario Party would be cool.
New IP's and RPGs.
i'd be happy with a Backward Compatibility program for the Wii/WiiU games. Priced at 10-20$.

No expectations or hopes for Microsoft. I've pretty much given up on them this generation.

a Final Fantasy 15 port announcement would be cool
Hope: Pokemon Stars announcement
Dream: Metroid Prime 4 announcement
Prediction: Animal Crossing Switch announcement

Hope: Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer and release date
Dream: Parasite Eve Remake
Prediction: Resident Evil 2 Remake makes an appearance

Hope: Scalebound isn't actually canceled
Dream: Original Xbox games BC
Prediction: Halo 3 Anniversary will be a thing.
These are the realistic and dream announcements I'd love to see:
Sucker Punch New IP
FromSoftware New IP partnered with Sony
Demon's Souls Remastered
Kamiya New IP
Evil Within 2
Pokemon Stars
Soulcalibur VI
Final Fantasy 1-9 Collection
Shenmue HD Collection
Doom Standalone Expansion

Some of them are pipe dreams and are never going to happen (FF Collection and Metroid in particular) but it'd be incredible if they did. I can see over half of those happening though, probably not all at E3 but some time this year.

A couple of other predictions:
RE2make revealed
No RDR2 or TLOU2 at E3
Detroit is announced for 2017
EA's conference is still filled with celebrity appearances, more talking than game footage, awkward speeches from devs and footage of their employees working on their computers
That's not what happened with Zelda and Mario and if you think Mario and Metroid are the only bigger games from them this E3 i think you might be mistaken.

He also asked whether people would rather like to see a sequel to Okami or Viewtiful Joe...

You're right, it was poorly worded, Hopes/Dreams are things I'll be happy/ecstatic about if they're shown, while Predictions I'll be disappointed if they're not. They're all based on my tastes/preferences. Could list dozens of predictions for Sony/Microsoft, but a lot of them I simply don't give a damn about.

Yes, Nintendo have a lot of bigger IPs/Franchises. There's no denying Splatoon 2 will be a big focus and is a huge game for them, ARMS will also be a big focus,DQ11, I also completely forgot that a new SMT game was teased a while back and should all be either imminent release or far enough along to get a release date. They should show several new games, and most of them will be really damn good, as Nintendo usually is, but I'll be disappointed if I don't see one of the bigger games that would get me excited (Can swap Metroid for Bayonetta, W102, Pokemon, Monster Hunter, DK).
My hope is that their will be several games that interest me that will be announced at E3, my dreams would be a mega man legends remake, and my predictions are that i will be disappointed this E3. Reasons for this will be Nintendo is going to Nintendo, Sony will continue to create games that don't really interest me these days, and Microsoft rarely ever interests me with their games, I think maybe 1 game a year do i look forward to with Microsoft. Me enjoying Horizon Zero Dawn was a bit of shocker for me, I did not expect to like it as much as i did.