E3 2018 Predictions - The sweet smell of self-induced disappointment

Ok let me give this a try.

What I think is likely to happen:

smash Bros announcement.
more info on the paid online for Nintendo.
sneak peak at the Pokemon rpg which probably won't launch this year.
Kh3 megaton.
Ff7 remake disappoints.
That samurai game from sucker punch.
Tlou 2 extended gameplay.
Spiderman extended gameplay.
MP4 gameplay
Beyond good and evil gameplay.

What's likely to not happen:
Microsoft dropping any megatons.....EA too now that I think about it. I hope Microsoft proofs me wrong.
In terms of new games announced

- Playdead's new game
- Rocksteady's new game
- Borderlands 3
- Dying Light 2
- Forza Horizon 4
- Probably a new First Party exclusive by Microsoft
- Ready at Dawn teases new AAA game
- Fromsoftware's new game (cardiac arrest if BB2)
- Mario Party 11
- The main Fire Emblem game for 2018
- Respawn's Star Wars game
- All the new sports games from EA
- New Call of Duty and Battlefield
- A new Final Fantasy spin off game like Type-0

Nuclear bomb of E3 2018 is Devil May Cry 5

Only the EA stuff happens at this years E3
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The Bethesda-thread inspired me to some more third party E3 predictions (Switch-related):

- a new multiplatform game that releases same day on all systems
- unlikely: cooperation with Nintendo - an exclusive wrpg. Maybe a Zelda-spinoff or revival of RetroStudio's Raven Blade

Square Enix:
- DQ11 reveal trailer for Switch-version (same as PS4-version), releasing same day in the West. Features orchestral sound and voice acting in the West
- new FFCC game

Namco Bandai:
- Ridge Racer is probably real
- Code Vein-port
- SAO Fatal Bullet-port
- God Eater 3-port

- another showing of their space game with real toys
- some Assassin's Creed
- Mario Rabbids 2


- new FIFA (maybe with proper online and story-mode this time?)
- Mass Effect trilogy (I'd love it!)

Activision Blizzard
- Call of Duty
- Diablo 3
- Overwatch

- Silent Hill: Shattered Memories 2

- Okami HD (surprise ...)
- crappy RE port
I know Last Of Us 2 Story will be amazing so i don't care if i see nothing from it but.....i would love to hear/see about factions multiplayer returning.

Cyberpunk of course, want to see how they do combat.

I'd love a new elder scrolls with totally revamped combat that blows me away but chance of that is close to zero, think they will show new IP

Shadows Die Twice fully revealed with game play would be awesome.
There seems to be a lot of talk/rumors with Microsoft lately, so hopefully there will be a big announcement at E3, possibly news before then that will lead into it. As to what that is, who knows at this point as the rumors are all over the place. I'm excited for the possibilities though and I think with the recent momentum from the X, the Gamepass, and general direction it seems as though it's pointing to something fairly major to be announced. Hopefully anyhow.

I could see a RDR X Enhanced announced at E3 alongside the RDR2 gameplay trailer. And like mentioned above, I think a Mass Effect trilogy remaster or X Enhanced of the first one at the least is likely.

What are the chances of ES6? Gotta be getting close right?
Seems unlikely. Sounds like it'll be all about Starfield this year.
- Spiderman info blowout. Finally, see some familiar villains.
- Tease of PS5 or PS-Switch (PS Vita 2)
- Spyro trilogy HD

- Easily the most interesting conference.
- Megaton -- Xbox Gamepass App comes to Apple iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and eventually Nintendo Switch.
- Nba Jam
- Halo something --not 6
- Project Gotham returns

- Smash info blowout
- Novembers big game will be Either Retro's game, Metroid, Pokemon, or Animal Crossing and will release worldwide. That game will be shown.
- 3rd party ports galore. Expecting Gardenware 3 (if real) to be on Switch. Paladins, and Fortnite come in September with Nintendo Online. Blops 3 Switch is real. Fifa, MAdden, Fallout, Borderlands 2, GTA V, Diablo 3 all show up.
- 1080 Snowboarding revival
Nintendo -

- Super Smash Bros for Switch announced, release in late to early 2019
- More 360/PS3 ports to Switch
- COD returns to a Nintendo Console
- Fortnite makes an appearance
- Push for online membership and why it matters
- More pointless mii crap.
- Wii Sports type game?
- Heavy focus on Nintendo Labo
- More games, Nes, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U games coming to the EShop for Switch
- More Zelda remasters, possibly Skyward Sword
- DLC for Mario Odyssey

Microsoft -
Halo 6 teaser announcement, 2019 game.
Halo MCC Update shown, releases that specific day.
Gears of War 2 remastered
Crackdown 3, Holiday 2018
State of Decay 2
Ori and The Will Of The Wisp - 2019
Pointless filler crap
Focus on Indies
PUBG will be featured hard

Sony -
Last of Us 2 gameplay and release date
PSVR games
PUBG announcement

The rumors are true:
- New Fable game from a UK studio announced
- New Perfect Dark game from Coalition + another studio announced (using much of the tech Coalition was working on for their tech/spy game before Gears 4)
- Crackdown 3 4 player co-op shown
- Forza Horizon Japan announced
- Age of Empires IV announced
- MechAssault or Mechwarrior announced
- New "high player count" Halo game/mode (PubG style?)

My (for fun) speculation:
- GamePass renamed to XBOX FUNPASS (now includes access to a growing library of video content, such as the still rumored Spielberg Halo series)
- Xbox XTRA FUNPASS is $15 month, includes XBOX GOLD and maybe another perk
- Ori and the Will of the Wisp is so hauntingly beautiful it elicits unparalleled man-tears across the internet.
- A new XBOX streaming model is defined as part of GamePass (FUNPASS, rather), accessible on PCs, tablets and smartphones.
- Gears 5 is announced, looks perty
- Halo 6 is shown and Chief is the only playable character, a Cortana reunion is implied, Covenant forces are heavily featured, takes place ON A HALO
Microsoft :

- New Age of Empire IV Gameplay
- New Halo 6 Trailer

Blizzard :
- New Warcraft 4
- New Hero on Overwatch

Rocksteady :
- Superman Gameplay

CD Project :
- Cyberpunk Gameplay

Nintendo :
- New Pokemen Game Announcement

- Vanguish 2
Square Enix Avengers game reveal.
Capcom with one other big reveal.
Big Star Wars game reveal.
Battlefield V - WWII
Dreams campaign reveal. Release season spring 2019
Halo 6

Phil Spencer: “You know how we are fixing Master Chief Collection? It will now be called The Halo Collection. Revamped, new UI, now including Halo Reach, and in September a better late than never Halo 3 Anniversary which can be launched through The Halo Collection... Free for original buyers of the game as our thanks for putting up with our bullshit... also Halo 6 will be a classic Halo with classic gameplay, art, music, movement, split screen and campaign... Beta included with Crackdown 3.”

*Mic drops*
Is there a speculation thread for what MS will show at their conference this year? Like what do we know and are only guessing at?

Halo 6
Crackdown 3
Ori and the Will of the Wisps
New controller for people with disabilities/handicaps
Heavy emphasis on xbox one x enhanced games

Forza Horizons 4
Last Night
More Anthem in-game footage
New Fable game details
More BC goodness
1-2 surprise game announcements

New Splinter Cell game
New Mech game

At least 2 unknown big time surprise game announcements
Cyberpunk 2077 details/footage
Crimson Skies reboot
New single player story driven game
New Perfect Dark
Hello, this thread is dead but I wanted to post here just in case, the conference has already begun.
The only thing I think is rumored that I can think about Nintendo is that there will be a new game called New Super Mario Bros for that console.