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E3 and Announcements : Predictions Thread


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I hope there's a lot of those "Available Now!" type announcements.
I'm really looking forward to seeing more FF7 remake gameplay and I hope there are some unexpected announcements. I'm also really looking forward to whatever details we can get about next-gen.


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Didn't do spectacularly well in my GAF-based predictions, though I did get two release dates and three other release months bang on in my little IRL betting party.

What I want:
  • Sony are 100% still going to have a "totally not a Nintendo Direct" near E3 and it'll have a full Ratchet & Clank PS4 game
  • The Avengers game Squenix has been working on - you'd imagine it's ready to show off in some capacity since they've taken Sony's slot
  • Whatever the fucking hell Rocksteady is still working on. PLEASE
  • Prey 2 would be nice. Wolf 3, sure
  • Dying Light 2 gameplay and maybe a date
  • Mario & Rabbids 2?
  • Bully 2, because I've wanted Bully 2 for 13 years and I'll be able to die happy
What I expect:
  • Sony are 100% still going to have a "totally not a Nintendo Direct" near E3 and it's going to give us a date for The Last of Us 2, also MediEvil remake
  • Nintendo will be hammering Pokémon S&S home since it's going to sell a guaranteed 16 million copies, also Animal Crossing
  • Xbox will tease new hardware for next year but perhaps not "unveil" it a lá the Scorpio teaser, and show a bunch of in-progress game videos from their studio acquisitions, also a Gears 5 date for this year and maybe Halo Infinite footage
  • Square will finally have something to show from the FF7 remake but it's still a long time away
  • Bethesda will crack some really poorly judged joke about Fallout 76 being the biggest industry disaster in a decade, and not have anything to show us from Starfield because they announced it way too early
  • Ubisoft will open with Just Dance and close with Assassin's Creed 22: Viking Boogaloo
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