[E3] Cyberpunk 2077 – E3 2018 Trailer

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The environment looks super interesting to me. But just a trailer... if no gameplay is shown this E3 we know its a long way off.
Looks good to me. Witcher III was the best RPG I have ever played. So them doing a game in this SciFi world is really exciting. Probably not this year though.
As a trailer I believe it was well put together. The style of the world connects with me. But I’m suspect about how it’s going to look in motion.
weak showing. I love the setting and the tone for sure but I need to see gameplay mechincs, how important choice is etc. Also yes I think the astethics have changed quite a bit compared to the first teaser stuff we got.
As I said:

Trailer looked disapointing, but I trust CD Projekt Red to make a good game. But after that reveal, it's no longer a must-have. Will need to see more.
These are not the vibes I was hoping for :( hopefully they are just showing another side of the same universe. Really gotta' see some gameplay this week or... eh.. yeah... wake me when 2076 ends.
Of course it's not gonna be dark and gritty during the day, guys. This is CDPR we're talking about. There will be dark, stormy, grimy nights.

The "gamer girl" from the GameSpot stream clearly doesn't know shit about the cyberpunk genre. She was legitimately surprised to see characters rocking mohawks. I mean, the word "punk" is included. Where do they find these idiots?
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Thought this was gonna be some cyberpunk shit like Blade Runner or Deus Ex. Not this cartoony nonsense. Doesn't even really look cyberpunk with rednecks and shit.
Watch Dogs 2077
Saints Row 2077
Sunset Overdrive 2077
Fortnite 2077
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Blue skies in their cyberpunk setting could be a lore thing. Like, maybe everyone is living under a fake holographic sky in giant domed cities. Maybe once you go 6 blocks too far you leave the civilized zone and it's all smog, ashes and the ruins of the old world.
The brightness was a bit startling at first, but then I kind of think CDP have leant heavily into the 80s inspired nature of Cyberpunk and I dare say the usual tropes and rain will be there for the trenchcoat lovers. Eager to see more, and looking forward to some breakdown videos about all the nuggets squirrelled away in there.
i'm disappointed, The witcher 3 is the most beautiful looking game i have ever seen, Cyberpunk 2077 looks like a generic csi-fi game, like Deus-ex and other games, the world is not interesting at all, maybe because i don't like csi-fi games in general

but it's too early to judge, i'm sure it's gonna be another masterpiece
I like it, but I too thought it would have been darker and more sinister. The concept art of the female android in the rain.

I trust them too. It could be very well done.
It reminds me of that Remember Me world and the social aspects from every Rockstar or compact society sandbox.
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Dunno what to think. I was expecting a grittier tone and a first person huge city open world (think Skyrim in a single city or something along the lines).
I have a lot of faith in CDPR, they did everything right - and more - since TW1.

EDIT: Also, not crazy about the (supposed) main character.

It looks like trash. Going after the Overwatch crowd?
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I expected it to be Darker and much more serious!
If it hasn't earned a mature rating by the time it comes out, the it'll better have revolutionize game-play or something, or I'm not getting it!
Great choice to show it mostly by day and break convention that way. Still holds up, which means at night it's gonna crush.

That's a goddamn open world, people.

Exactly. There'll be plenty of neon lights, rain, and dark alleyways at night.

The character customization will be insane. I'm gonna make my guy look like Fender from Cyborg. The verticality of world will be incredibly fun to explore with flying cars.
I'm sure this will be fantastic. Just be patient and open minded people, Witcher was huge and I'm sure this game will bring us the cyberpunk genre from a bunch of different, cool perspectives.

Yes, the prefered style is cold, gritty areas with neon signs in rain and darkness, and I'm sure we will get a ton of that. But showing the city during the day could be just as interesting. They have to tackle the world building from all angles to make it believable. I totally trust CDPR.