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May 6, 2012
Yeah, so, about that....

Ahem... I've been playing single player mode for Splatoon 2 for the last couple of days and even though it's quite unique and all that but i'm so....

I mean, all you do is covering the levels with ink and moving through it collecting some shit and killing enemies and that's it for the whole game and IT'S NOT FUN. Bosses are kinda fun but everything else isn't. So, is this Octo Expansion basically the same thing?

P.S. I know that this game is all about multiplayer but still, they've adding huge chunk of single player stuff soon and there's 7-8 hour single player stuff in the main game already.
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Jan 9, 2018
At least Nintendo is still the one gaming company I can feel good about supporting for our family purchases. Looking around at the rest of E3, it's all the same combination of exploitative violence with corporate-approved faddish diversity nods on top to avert the gaze from the general awfulness of having an industry devoted to this stuff. Only with Nintendo do I watch the devs and think, these guys actually love the mere toy-like concept of play, and want to enjoy it creatively. On that note, I'm honestly waiting for Super Mario Party most out of everything, because we'll get a kick out of that in our house.
May 16, 2015
We are closing on the end of the second day. Before that, we have another look at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with hosts and players from the tournament yesterday.
Feb 23, 2013
As a massive Smash fan, I absolutely loved it. It was fantastic!

But then again, I own a PS4 and Xbox One as well I am surprised that nothing else too exciting was shown. I skipped the WiiU, so poets are welcome imo.

Smash left me super excited though.
Jun 4, 2018

I felt like the show lacked something like something was missing in the show, but they did good still with showing off smash but I was sad about animal crossing not being reveal or even announced during the event. I had wrote a blog post on my thoughts on the presentation


I feel that Nintendo could have done a better job instead of just saying “let’s forget about all the other games, and just show them smash”, but it’s okay. I hope next year E3 brings more to us.
May 16, 2015
The 3rd day of Nintendo Treehouse Live will begin shortly. As 3rd day is usually a catchup day with very little new thinhs to show, I won't be updating this thread like yesterday. However, if something new is being shown, I will update either in this thread or in a dedicated thread.
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Dec 6, 2013
Wait so I guess I missed it during the presentation but I just read that Mew is exclusive to the pokeball? So It's not simply a free mew that comes with the game but it's actually the only way to get it?

LOL. Imagine the outrage if EA or Activision tried to lock in game content behind a $50 accessory. But as always it's Nintendo so their anti consumer crap is somehow ok
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Dec 8, 2011
I agree it was a mistake to focus so much on Smash for E3. It appears to indicate that Nintendo really didn't have much else to show which is worrisome as that has been an ongoing problem for the company for decades--each new system brings a trickle of software and fans are left wanting. Treehouse is always good for demos and they more often than not make the games more interesting than they initially sound. If there's any issue this year, it speaks more about the games themselves rather than anything the Treehouse is actually doing/not doing.
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May 16, 2015
I have added an archive to the OP, detailing what was shown on each day and also added links to those who wish to watch some of those segments again.
E3 2018 is now officially over, and this thread may now be archived.
Apr 15, 2007
London UK
This was the worst conference for me so I gave it the lowest grade.

I wasn't blown away by any of the games shown and think it was really lacking in content. Really disappointed that there was no Metroid Prime 3 or anything from Retro games. It really felt like Nintendo are just coasting along following their strong year with the Switch last year.
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Sep 8, 2014
I think nintendo is perhaps thought more of than they actually are. they are after all in 3rd place in a race among 3 parties. that's last place for those keeping score.

I'm speaking as an american in america. if i was a japanese person living in japan things would I imagine appear differently.
Sep 26, 2013
Dublin, Ireland
Gave it a D. Really weak showing. I had really expected that with only one console to support that they'd be able to get software out quicker - say 9-10 new first party games a year. Instead we saw Fire Emblem and Yoshi pushed back to next year, leaving this year supported by what amounts to a casualised remake of a Pokemon game (in a series that desperately needs a reboot) and a sequel to Smash that's really more of an enhanced edition or 'Ultimate Compliation'. There was nothing new to get excited about like BotW or Mario Odyssey. It left the show feeling super weak.

Doesn't help that all of the big Nintendo titles this year just happen to be from the very few series they have that I don't care about much or at all. Kirby, Mario Tennis, Mario Party, Smash Bros. And Pokemon I used to like but this new game is absolutely not for long-term hardcore RPG fans like me. Change out even one of those games with something I like like Fire Emblem and everything would be looking so much rosier, but for me it's looking like a lost year after a year of dreams.

At least DLC helps plug the gaps - something that used to not be an option during a drought. Splatoon 2, Rabbids and XC2 all getting major DLC is the one thing that will keep my Switch in use this year, and it's a hell of a lot better than nothing.
Jan 22, 2018
Everyone I have decided, with all the sadness in my heart, that I will be leaving this site as i feel dead and irrelevant and hopefully i'll use this time to meditate about the direction my life has gone into.

i love you all... Take care guys!
Dec 3, 2004
I have a feeling next year Sony and MS will be demoing their next gen systems. This was literally the time for Nintendo to take advantage of the relatively acceptable technical gap between the Switch's hardware and the competition's. Next year is gonna be much tougher for Nintendo to get the momentum going.

They blew it.
Jan 15, 2018
Absolutely disgusting showing from Nintendo but thankful that I don’t need to waste money on this thing again. No Metroid -> no fucks given.

The switch has turned into a horrible gaming platform. It’s just by the numbers mario spin off cookie cutter bs again.
Jan 16, 2006
I really enjoyed Nintendo's E3 as a whole.

Just 100%ed Octo Expansion. Loved it. Way better than the single player campaign from the base game. The CO text convos were funny, and the music was actually good (took me by surprise).

Been enjoying the Octopath Traveler demo too. It has a cute art-style, but for as many cutscenes as it has, I think the sprites really limits the expressions. Scenes feel a bit stiff, as it relies heavily on the voice acting, music, and ones imagination to really sell some of the drama. The one Ophilia and Lianna scene on top a mountain comes to mind as a bit weak. Primrose's story was interesting to me, especially toward the end where I thought a certain someone's English voice performance did a good job selling the scene. Olberic was pretty nice too --strong opening, decent finish, definately want to know where that journey will go. I'm still going through the others, but so far, it's not bad at all. Game-play feels the same for everyone, despite all having unique skills and weapons. It'll probably get more in-depth as the player builds a bigger party and more skills are needed to topple bosses. Also the music is fantastic. Looking forward to the game next month.

As for the e3 tournaments, the Splatoon 2 World Championships were way more entertaining than I expected. The finals where team Back Squids super jumped in mass to dunk there power shells into the basket was sick! Shows how the game has more depth and team strategy than noticed at first glance. The Smash tourney was okay. Could tell the players are still trying to figure out how the new game works.

The Nintendo direct was cool. I'm a big Smash fan, so naturally I enjoyed the in-depth look at the game (Isaac for Smash, Sakurai!). It helps that since we didn't know anything before hand, we were fed a lot of info up front. I imagine that's what Nintendo wants to go for when games like Metroid Prime 4 are primed for a near release, instead of teasing players with info that they'll grow bored with until next year when the same game is shown. That's how I felt a bit with Spider-Man PS4's showing (the only game I cared for during the Sony briefing).

I'm gonna talk Spidey very briefly in that context. It was very expected, and the movie shown was alright (it was certainly a better spectacle than all of the Hollywood junk out so far). Nothing really surprising. I think it'll be better to watch later this year when proper context is given, as I'm not that vested in the bigger story yet, thus didn't care or have much curiosity who the Sinister Six leader was at the time of watching. The gameplay footage shown of the open world and the Shocker Boss fight on the show floor was way better and more of what I was looking for. Totally sold on Spider-Man PS4 right now. Hope it delivers.

Anyway, Nintendo at E3 was cool for me. Gonna continue hoping my most wanted Smash additions (Golden Sun+Sawano fanservice) make the cut.