[E3-Sony] Resident Evil 2 Remake trailer

Apr 13, 2018
I'm also glad the story in this remake is not exactly the same as the original. It takes that same concept, yes, but it's not all cut and paste. That's how I would have wanted it 15 years ago, sure, but I can somewhat appreciate that this remake is all fresh. For the most part, anyway.
Jul 27, 2009
Ok, I watched the gameplay videos briefly and now I'm going for a full media blackout. This game will be a 10/10 in my book, no doubt about it. It's like they took the best parts of the classic RE games (genuine fear, REAL zombies, exploration, puzzle solving, ammo scarcity) and married them with the best parts of 4 (general combat) and 7 (graphics).

This game alone lets me forget about the absence of ff7r at e3. I want to bake a cake out of REmake2 and throw that squaresofts face while yelling "this is how you effin do IT". Congratulations Capcom, you are making a wonderful job.
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Jun 10, 2014
This'll be the last RE game I play.

RE2 was my first RE game and loved how the fixed cameras that created a sense of uncertainty and gave these games a cinematic quality, the tank controls were fine because it worked in tandem with those fixed cameras. It holds a place dear in my heart as it got me into the horror genre as a whole.

This movie-fied reimagining changes so much, it looks more direct in displaying it's horror and every gory detail, the subtlety and quiet of the original is gone and the fact that people accept it with open arms shows I'm just out of touch, the series is no longer for me.

I'll still gonna play the remake with incredibly low expectations going in, but I'm finally done with RE after this.

This is just my harsh reminder that games are not art, and are foremost a commercial product to entertain.

For those that never played the original and are excited for the remake, I can only hope that you have as good of an experience as I did back with the original.

Also whoops double posted while trying to edit
Leon looks ok for the most. Claire well she doesn't look very much attractive on that poster. Her in game model looks better though.

She looks like a real person and not a cartoon. Still don't understand how she gets into a town under military quarantine though.
May 10, 2018

Was this posted yet? Gameplay.
I'm really happy with Capcom on this gen, SFV is a master piece, Monster World is great and now RE2 remake! <3

However several things aren't perfect in this remake...
-The texture resolution is sometime very low or pop late
-The lighting isn't always great, specialy in the police station main hall
-Some 3D object can still stuck your character, can't move a chair in 2018, cmon guys :/
-But the worst guys... Seriously all those "PRESS X" "CHECK THIS" "RETURN HERE" it's ruinning all the fun, you don't even have to guess what to do! The game is telling you everything, and it's also totaly immersive breaking, in 1998 we just had a little spark it WAS ENOUGHT on a 280p 22" inch screen to figure out!
We don't need those stupid intrusive pop up, Please!
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Dec 6, 2017
Gotta say, I'm fucking hyped in ways I can't remember being so in years. We're talking being 10 and playing the RE2 demo that came with RE Director's Cut over and over again hyped.
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May 22, 2016
I can't remember which gameplay video I watched, but I was getting so frustrated with the person playing.. Zombie would break through a window next to him and he'd just trot along like nothing happened :( was so off putting between that and his inability to land a shot
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Feb 20, 2018
Yeah, that two games in one thing isn't happening. It's not going to be a true remake like REmake. There's no way they would have ever done this, it's just not feasible.

I'm not one to say, I told you so. But.... danfromumbrella, I told you so.
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Dec 31, 2014
im sorry but i HATE combat in over the shoulder. it's just odd to me. i'm actually let down i cannot lie.
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Jan 6, 2011
I'm so pumped for this. As much as I love the old school fixed camera RE's, I'm still down for 3rd person, doesn't affect my opinion at all. It looks great.
And I'm very happy about the lack of 2 characters on screen all the time if you know what I mean
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Apr 5, 2007
Greece, N. Mixaniona
Anyone need a hand ( her hand was shot off with the pistol )

And not only that. The improvements of the gameplay in terms of fighting against zombies and their behaviour are just mind-blowing
And speaking about blowing minds and blowing heads, something that literally beats you is that those zombies are truly tough riff-raff. They just don't freaking die.....
Carcinogen (joined by cvxfreak) was playing the game, he just blew half of the head of a freaking zombie and it still kept going after Leon....
This game is gonna be gang-busters.

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Nov 17, 2014
-But the worst guys... Seriously all those "PRESS X" "CHECK THIS" "RETURN HERE" it's ruinning all the fun, you don't even have to guess what to do!
I hope to God that there's an option to turn that shit off because it's bugging the hell out of me. I have no problem with it being there for people who want it, but PLEASE give us a choice.

Everything else so far looks fucking fantastic though, and I really can't wait to get my hands on it. Outside of all that intrusive prompts and telling you where to go stuff, it's giving me the same kind of feeling I had when I first saw the original. Only 7 long, horrific, tortuous months of waiting to go.
Jun 13, 2013
Yeah the monsters in 7 were corny, this is the real deal though.
Maybe it's because I played the game in VR exclusively, but I really liked the Goo monsters in 7. I won't say I was satisfied with the variety, but they felt scary in an alien way, yet familiar enough in their movements that I understood them. They were always intimidating to me.
Apr 5, 2007
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Found this on resident evil sub reddit. Apparently a "leaked" image.

That is where Leon meets Claire (from what we've seen based on the demo) . She seems to come from the area where the chopper crash-landed.

As you can see from the playthrough done by Carcinogen (that I posted above) the demo ends when Marvin brings to Leon's attention the presence of a female survivor trying to sneak into the RPD.
The aforesaid image, might be the cut-scene triggered when Leon reaches to Claire's rescue.

Eurogamer play-through
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Sep 18, 2012
Sure would be great if they'd stop giving all the characters plastic surgery after every fucking game. I mean how much more could it possibly cost to hire good 3D artists versus lazily scanning random voice actors that look nothing like the original characters? I don't recognize either of the protags but Claire is especially bad. If you showed me this character without any context I'd never guess it was her.

I mean they could've at least kept her original outfit. The fact that they replaced it with a generic jeans and jacket getup tells me these devs have completely lost touch with what made games and their characters so interesting in the past. If you never played RE2 or don't value artistic integrity, please go ahead and enjoy this remake. I'll continue replaying the original until someone can mod the real Claire into the game.


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Jan 7, 2018
Sounds good but only if they keep the exact same model for Douglas Cartland. The meme must be respected.
Douglas isn’t in SH2

Plus I’d rather have a high quality (and extremely faithful to the story & characters) Remake of SH1, since SH2/3/4 still looks good to me (and also the fact of the lack of remaining incredible talent left at Konami).

As for the REmake 2. I really don’t care if character look different.
Not one damn bit.
And I could care less if they say or not some of the cheese lines from the original (like I’m not gonna play this game because some NPC doesn’t say ‘’Why’d he bite me’’... that so f*cking lame)

I just wish the demo would drop on consoles, though.
Haven’t felt the urge to play a demo that bad since RE4
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Sep 25, 2015
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Now is as good a time as any to replay the original methinks.

What's the best way to do so via emulation?
I played through it on Dolphin last year or so and it was very good. Steered clear of the PS1 version because I wanted to run it at a higher res with nearest-neighbour filtering and no polygon wiggling.
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Apr 26, 2018
I played through it on Dolphin last year or so and it was very good. Steered clear of the PS1 version because I wanted to run it at a higher res with nearest-neighbour filtering and no polygon wiggling.
Dolphin, of course! I always overlook it for some reason. Cheers.
Mar 18, 2013
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Yeah the monsters in 7 were corny, this is the real deal though.
Walking down a hallway with some ungodly monster blocking your path was fun. It was like battling the swamp thing in a house down by the river.

I love what I'm seeing. I love the graphics, the way the player reacts with the environment, and how the zombies look. The hallways have me thinking of Nemesis for some reason. What if they redid RE3 and had Nemesis chase you down. It would be awesome.