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EA dropping Origin brand with new EA Desktop app


Jan 21, 2018
Bordeaux, France

Electronic Arts is launching a new EA Desktop app, a beta version of its revamped Origin online gaming service that EA calls a next-generation PC gaming platform.
EA says the service will have faster downloads and updates, simpler access to games, and the ability to connect with friends across platforms. Gamers will use the EA Desktop app to access subscriptions such as the newly renamed EA Play ($5 a month) and EA Play Pro ($15 a month).

EA senior vice president Michael Blank: “The EA Desktop app is being designed to deliver a frictionless and socially connected experience that is faster for players to get into their games, we have revealed some of this, but we haven’t revealed all of it.”
The new app promises a faster experience, fewer clicks to jump back into your favorite games, and Playtime Controls to help you keep tabs on how much time you and your family spend playing. You should find it easier to find and install new games or just play via your EA Play membership, Blank said.

EA is also rolling out new benefits for EA Play and EA Play Pro subscription members. Anyone can register for the beta, and EA is sending out download invitations on a first-come, first-served basis. If you’re an Origin player, your games, progress, and friends will carry over. You’ll keep full access to all of your Origin content.

About the recently re-branded EA Play: “What subscriptions offer is an ability for people to try games that they may not have ever tried,” Blank said. “In many cases, it reduces the barrier for them to play a game that they might want to play on an ongoing basis for which they might have to pay on a yearly basis at a much higher price point. So they may buy a game one year, but then not buy the new version of that game the next year because it is expensive to keep buying games. We value providing great experiences to players. We value their engagement time, and the more opportunities we can offer them to play the game, it’s a mutually beneficial relationship between them and us.”

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May 10, 2020
Yeah, imagine my surprise logging onto my Origin's account and seeing everything is now called EA Play.

Thankfully EA transitioned the paid accounts well, and even made NFS Heat available for download on the basic version of the subscription - so that was nice.

What they really need is to add more games into the damn thing, that's what I think.

Really wish Xbox Gamepass for PC was readily available in Asia by now.


May 28, 2019
So what do people think of the new client? It seems "nice" so far. The blocky look has gone so it's 4K friendly. I might try out the EA Play sub now, my game library is looking a bit empty as I created a new Origin account ready for next-gen. (The old one only had Dragon Age Origins on it and some trashy freebies.)