EA giving out free game on Origin (Spore, Dragon Age: Origins, Battlefield: BC2)

Yeah, definitely makes that "Steam devalues games" guy look like a lone person among the EA/Origin staff.

Checking their 50% off deal I'm kind of annoyed that they seem to be limiting it only to specific types of games clustered together. Guess you can't possibly want to pre-order Sim City than get Mass Effect 3 for half off! Though nothing really interests me ENOUGH (always online requirement, already having Sim City 4 on Steam, already had my fill of ME3 on 360) so I guess that's just typical internet whining on my part.


Membero Americo
It's US and Canada. I got the mail and I'm from Quebec, so yeah.

I already have BC2 on Steam, so tell me GAF, Spore or Dragon Age?
Anyone know if it's for new accounts, too?

I'm on a Mac, how do I get these without going into Boot Camp...or do I have to do that? I want me some Battlefield 2: BC
Yeah, when it comes to the free deal I still haven't gotten anything. Maybe just a rare few lucky people got it, I'm not sure whether I'd pick Bad Company 2 or Spore anyway. Probably Spore, I've got more unique FPSes to play through if I want that badly enough.
bububu i already own all of these
Bet you have the best chance of getting this email.
No email here. I'm wondering if its only to people that have bought a game directly through Origin? I got BF3 so I've got Origin but otherwise have never bought anything directly through it.
I put spore on my account since it's the only I don't currently have. I played it back when it came out though due to the insane hype it got and it's one of the worst games I ever played. 2 hours of the most simple minigames until you get to space then there's nothing but infinitely respawning basic events.

Looking back on the hype it got now it's just hilarious. It was billed as some massive game changer just because Wright was working on it.