EA holding live conf on PS4 today at Morgan Stanley tech conf [Up: Summary in OP]

Sep 28, 2010
Mod Edit: Before anyone gets too upset, this is a Morgan Stanley event, which means it's for investors and thus will likely be a very high level talk about how EA likes the PS4 and how it will make them lots of money as opposed to them actually showing games.


Didn't see anything posted...I'm going to tune in.

Here's a link:


UPDATE: Summary by Examiner

  • They have never been more prepaired or ready for a new console launch
  • Giant leap for the industry, every step and function. "Between 8 & 10 times the power of current generation."
  • Not limited to current generation "1080p, 60 fps, camera IQ"
  • All of internal software will work flawlessly.
  • What used to take months will now "take days" to do.
  • Seeing new ways to approach current IP's and new IP's.
  • The ability to have cross platform play, will open up new consumer base.
  • EA has slimmed down their lineup from 85 games to 15 core titles
  • Allows stream lining the backbone of game creation
  • Sony and Microsoft in-line for their transition will reduce cost of production
  • 5% to 10% increase in cost of production on current games.
  • No pricing on retail games set, but you may see a trend of "$69.99" at start and dropping down to $59.99 similar to the beginning of the current generation.
  • Saving time and money in comparison to the roadmap they set up last year.
  • Data collected on gamers through created technology and algorithms allow them to engage the players.
  • Gross margin as gone from 55% in 2010 to 55-65% range currently.
  • Due to the transition into the digital world from boxed gaming.
  • Discussed the progression and advantage of the PS4 in regards to downloading games
  • Many more opportunities in "always on" connected gaming
  • The focus is always focused on the "consumer experience"
  • Discussion of margins in regards to digital expansion packs and the margins it drives
  • Doing so builds an actual community, and overall over time, more profitability
  • Building into all games micro-transaction: "Consumers are enjoying and embracing that way of the business"
  • Over $25 Million revenue in micro-transactions alone last quarter. [Note: This is just The Simpsons iOS alone, not total microtransaction revenue.]
  • Much has been learned on infrastructure in regards to the failed iOs launch of the Simpsons.
  • Absence at PS4 reveal is not indicative to their status on the console.
  • Between now and E3 you will see a lot of stuff from EA
  • Thrilled with the PS4 specs - the new Battlefield is stunning

My feeble summary:
  • Talked about "Gen 4" consoles (PS4/720) and implied comparable power ratio between the two
  • "8-10x the power of current gen consoles"
  • Implied they will launch very close to each other
  • Theorized that initial launch prices for EA games could be $69.99 (if that is what the high end MSRP set by Sony/Microsoft is)
  • Will continue to support digital download business, but internet infrastructure globally means retail is hugely important for the foreseeable future
  • FIFA 14 definitely coming this year (cross gen title)
  • Battlefield 4 looks amazing; implied 1080p/60fps (target for next gen games)
  • 15 core titles being worked on for next gen
Jan 16, 2009
Mirror's Edge 2! Battlfield 4! Dragon Age 3!

They won't show any games, just say some fancy words about how they're so well positioned to dominate next-gen.
Jun 13, 2012
I'm expecting just talk about what they plan to do with the system and how they are excited for it and shit....

I'm not honestly expecting something like Battlefield 4 there. They would have built it up more.


Oct 2, 2009
SInce it takes place at Morgan Stanley, maybe they'll just talk about how antequated and backwards thinking the PS4 is. I certainly don't see them announcing any new titles there.