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EA partners with PUMA to release new themed shoes and in-game content based on Need For Speed: Unbound.

The number of ways gamers can show off their style while representing their favorite games continues to expand as another publisher teams up with another apparel designer. EA has officially announced a collaboration with PUMA for a new shoe line featuring their latest fantasy racing game Need For Speed Unbound by developers Criterion Games.

One of the biggest features of the new title in the iconic Need for Speed series is the all-new visual style blending elements of street art with the most realistic-looking cars in the franchise’s history. The innovative PUMA X Need For Speed Unbound real-world and in-game collaboration expands on the energy and flair at the heart of the series.

For those looking for the new in-game content, PUMA brings the speed with its Rival Racer Chase which rolls in a special PUMA-wrapped Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Players can get their hands on 13 other exclusive PUMA in-game items including track pants, hoodie, and jacket.

As for the new shoe line, fans can also choose from a choice of four styles of footwear, encompassing special NFS colorway editions of the PUMA MACO SL, RS-X, RS-TRK, and RS-X JR sneaker models. To complete the look a special edition baseball cap is also available.

The PUMA X Need For Speed Unbound collection is now available at selected PUMA Retail and Footlocker Group store, as well as the PUMA website.

Those shoes look like the were made with an RNG generator.

Looks like EA has partnered with PUMA for those who have been enjoying Need For Speed: unbound, you can get 14 cool in-game content or some collectors sneakers as part of the partnership.

Criterion has done a good job with Unbound, hopefully it's not underperforming to EA's expectations.
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Got to be the worst looking shoes I've ever seen.

I dont think even shitty shoes you see in bargain shoe store windows for $19.99 look as bad.
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So who paid who for this exactly? Probably EA as i doubt Puma would want to do this otherwise.
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