EA Play plans leaked? [Mercenaries 3, BF5, new C&Q and Star Wars Imperial Commando]

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Wrong about commas, wrong about everything
Sure, they are gonna bring back C&C Tiberium and SW Republic Commando.
I believe it when I see it.

Edit: Also, from Twitter

Nick Earl, supposedly presenting Mercenaries 3, left EA last November.
No idea if this is true
If they were going to do a new Mercenaries game, they'd probably not saddle it with 3 in the title. Similar to how it's not Mirror's Edge 2 or Star Wars Battlefront 3. When they bring bad franchises that have been gone a while they reboot them, not make sequels.

Furthermore, a lot of the stuff that made that series unique has been adopted into a ton of other stuff so I don't know if I see it happening in general.
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