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EA Post Mortem on BF2042 (WFH, Frostbite upgrades, comparative quality of Halo Infinite, design choices)


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It may have been very effective to get the bugs produced by the fact that the Frostbite engine needed to be upgraded for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, which took over 18 months of development time to do. Because the version of Frostbite was very old, the devs have to create the new one.
Add to that the fact that the engine is incompatible with non-shooters, as with the problems with ME:A and DA:I and this has to be the shittiest engine next to Gamebryo used by a AAA studio.

Von Hugh

In addition, negative player feedback overall was focused on three key areas, which EA would further elaborate on:
  • Bugs and performance
  • Game design and feature choices
  • The game not aligning with player expectations

EA/DICE has made ten Battlefield games previously, and now is the time to fuck it up performance wise? Where did all the code from the previous games vanish? What the fuck?

Again, you have ten previous games with tried and tested features such as a FUCKING SCOREBOARD, but now was the time to remove it? There is no other explanation other than pure greed for money and wanting to chase after the current trends.

And again, player expectations are aligned with those features that have been in the previous games for the last 20 years now. Who in their right mind would go and remove pretty much all of those? How the fuck does that make any sense?

EA's/DICE's upper management and executives can go and fuck themselves.


Given another chance

In a weird turn of events your gif turns out to be a better game than BF2042.
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Setting aside the issue that the game being crap isn’t Halo’s fault, how or why could it even be COVID’s fault? If anything, surely being locked up would’ve boosted sales, not taken away. Stop blaming others for your heaving pile of shite.

Lions Gate

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halo infinite is also a failure. halo is struggling to maintain 8K current players on steam after only 2 months. remember halo is free yo play not a 60 dollar game
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I liked the bit when they said 'Halo Infinite MP being the reason their game is straight up trash'

That's next level slimy. Like do these investors not even know real reasons do they not see whats being posted online Or do they just take up it the ass from EA?
These idiots are on another planet. I imagine that DICE will be feeding them this fucking nonsense and whilst I’m sure that covid didn’t help, it certainly isn’t the sole reason the game is absolutely terrible.


FIFA, Madden and a half assed Sims expansion pack

They also published Apex Legends.
But truth be told, if it wasn't for all those billions of dollars, from Fifa and Madden's micro-transactions scheme, EA would have already gone under.
This company is so poorly managed, with so many failed big projects, that it would not have survived with out Fifa and Madden's money.


Haha, sometimes idk if the people at EA and Dice are serious. I mean, it was not Halo's fault that the latest Battlefield iteration is not a Battlefield but a mocked up Hero shooter missing everything that a real Battlefield title has to offer.

After the beta, it was crystal clear for everyone who played it that it's in such a bad shape that the best move would have been to cancel it or to move it for another year...

El Sueño

The walls and buildings were made of adamantium, to get a squad was an ass, no scoreboard, etc.
Ea deserves the hate. They have been screwing my beautiful bf since bf4.


well home working is definitely not ideal for development, so i can understand the issue...it still doesn't excuse realising an incomplete or buggy game


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Is the surprise that Halo MP was released then or that it was good? It was rumored to happen then for a good while and you would think EA would have been aware of that.


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I have played great gemes released on Pandemic, not excuse for Dice /EA. The game deserves to be where it is. Hope spmething good comes since Battelfield is a nice franchise.
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the real blame should be on whatever happened after BF4. Because thats when DICE forgot how to make a good BF game.

except Portal. which is awesome. But is just a small portion remaster of the good games.


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the real blame should be on whatever happened after BF4. Because thats when DICE forgot how to make a good BF game.

except Portal. which is awesome. But is just a small portion remaster of the good games.
all the talent left because EA was doing Microtransactions on the employees. Every time they breathed EA's air it cost them money. Also had to pay EA every time the employees took a shit.


Cant wait for EDMIX-Damage-Control-Train

Damage control on what? I agree with what most are saying. I don't believe I've ever supported the way this game has ever released or was treated by EA, you and many seem to just argue that to scapegoat shit lol

I mean, dear fucking god I'm even saying this game had no business coming out in 2021 and should have been delayed way longer then a year and completely redesigned and relaunched ala FFXIV

So.....just cause we fucking disagree on shit, doesn't mean you hating EA, means I love EA. It sounds so fucking childish and immature, like you want that to be the case to fucking argue to someone about something and make them some sort of EA rep to cry to lol I've had waaaay too many post talking about whats wrong with the game, my issues with the game, what they should have done etc to really be out here pretending what they are saying about this, I automatically would "Damage control". I simply think some of you just want that narrative or something lol.

Covid had nothing to do with this game's issues as everyone else is dealing with that too, yet put out games that didn't have theses issues, mind you...I fucking stated that when they originally tried to claim this, yet you are saying "damage control" when I'm the one that even stated that simply couldn't be the complete cause of this games issues, but it seems like you've ignored all of that to fucking cry about this shit lol

So for the 200010304956 time, This game should have not come out in 2021 and had massive design issues from someone who has never designed a BF title before. Rona has nothing to do with this games massive issues and if it does, its minor as I'm sure its effecting work, that doesn't support launching knowing it has issues, ignoring the feedback from the beta, allowing a designer to remove evergreen concepts like a scoreboard and it sounds like voice chat may have been removed for the same feel good reasons or something lol

So I don't know what to tell you man, none of that fucking sounds like "Damage control"

Hate to give you the bad news =(

It seems many of you seem to only fucking care if someone disagrees with you regarding EA or something and automatically they MUST only fucking like the publisher and no one else or some odd bone head shit. Someone can call out the odd coverage of this game with people suddenly wanting to talk about Steam counts and news stories literally obsessed with the game to the point of reporting shit they don't even report of other titles and someone can still blame the actual publisher for rolling out the game in this state with so many design flaws and issues man. I think you just WANT the either or playground shit, I've never done that crap and I'll see the whole picture and give my view, but I don't do that stupid either or, it must be this or that type shit. Many things went wrong with 2042, that doesn't suddenly mean all those articles talking about steam count isn't suspect when you can't even find from those same outlets that same information about other games. It seems to only be relevant to talk about 2042 lol foh

the real blame should be on whatever happened after BF4.

Nah, I disagree, the real blame is what happened with BF4 in general. Its launch set all of this up. Its a great game mind you and many of us love it, but that might be the problem.

EA launches shit, the game is broken as hell for almost a year, it gets corrected mostly, we get lots of content and its remembered fondly. For all you know, that is what told them putting the game out like shit and patching later is ok, look at how those fans like BF4. So I personally have it as one of my favorites and still play it even today, but how it launched is what even gave EA this idea that this was ok to do if gamers are so forgiving. They took advantage of all that.

BF1 easily one of the best BFs they rolled. I had very little issues, had great post launch support, moved massive units. If anything, that is the game many need to question how it went right and what EA did after to fuck all that up lol

I personally think they kept having DICE put out so many games cause how well BF1, Battlefront 1 and Mirror's Edge was received. It told them "oh so 3 games working on at once is the magic number" lol yet all the titles after had massive controversy after those 3.

except Portal. which is awesome. But is just a small portion remaster of the good games.

^^ That probably should be a staple in all BF titles or even just expanded into its own thing. We are going to debate what the best BF is, what the best rules and settings are anyway, might as well allow users to have that control and let the community shape BF. Even if they did some BF4, but better looking, I don't really believe everyone was even going to be on board. Oh we hate the new hud, oh we hate how the guns have theses attachments set up etc. What we know of BF4 personally, won't be topped and likely anything they make that is suppose to be some sequel to it (as this game actually is suppose to be that) will simply be nit picked to death based on what all of us see as "BF4", so Portal makes more sense to expand upon that.

If we can agree that EA fucked up, DICE fucked up, I don't see the use of some asking for BF4 remaster or remake or something or even a "sequel" as if we already don't trust them, how the fuck do we know the rules, how it moves, plays will even be to everyone's liking? At least with Portal that is up to the player, so I believe that concept is just too incredible to have a simply an extra mode, that shit should just be a whole ass game lol

Halo is Back

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DICE is so out of touch with player expectations and the general quality of thier games. No wonder they hired Vince Zampella to lead this sinking ship. They probably gave him a ridiculous amount of cash to get him on board.


Electronic Ass might as well move onto Medal of Honor for their next AAA shooter. Give DICE and the Battlefield IP a rest because I'm sure with how 2042 looked, the next one gonna feel the burn. Unless of course they make a competent game.


Pretty sad, I thought this would be return to BF3 glory days...

The whole franchise is ruined.

They know people love BF3 and 4, so they created a whole marketing campaign around how amazing those games were.
This allowed them to sell a lot of pre-orders and first week buys. But it also set them up for an even bigger failure, simply because they didn't have the product to match the expectations, they created in the first place.
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DICE is so out of touch with player expectations and the general quality of thier games. No wonder they hired Vince Zampella to lead this sinking ship. They probably gave him a ridiculous amount of cash to get him on board.

That more so sounds like an EA thing, the team itself I doubt has that type of pull and control. We've talked about the lessor quality a lot and during the beta many brought up those missing features, or questionable animations, but EA as a publisher still okays that delay or not.

Sorta like the whole GTA Trilogy thing, it would be like trying to bash Grove Street games as if they control that release date and bankrolled the game themselves or something.

So if EA who owns DICE and the BF IP (shocked I even need to state that lol) wants to go in some different direction with hero shooter, free to play type things, then it means DICE is doing what they are told and any feedback by the community that is against what EA is looking for, would be disregarded. As in, you can tell DICE a whole list of things, I'm sure the team internally might even agree, but EA runs that studio, owns that IP, signs their checks. This is more on them then the team itself and because of how EA is as a publisher, it hard to even tell when a team is fucking up or when EA is fucking up lol

Look at ReSpawn, look at how many hits they put out, if they have a game that flops, of course EA would be the key factor, so its hard to tell with a situation like this tbh.

In terms of the whole Zampella situation, I know he can do a great job as he is one of the best in the genre, but can he do a good job under EA with the BF IP? Titanfall was a new IP, APEX was a new IP, that Star Wars Fallen Order i'd consider it a new IP, all the great titles they put out, they also had all new ideas for them, so EA might have a hard time saying what it "should" be on a concept that is new in the first place and will side with the team, if they can give that same freedom to an existing IP with Zampella...I'm not too worried, but if they are simply going to hold him back by trying to have him ONLY fix this game by keeping those elements like "make what you want Zampella......but no voice chat, no feelings be hurt online, no scoreboard, the heroz MUST STAY" lol

If thats the case, this IP will see some dark days ahead lol

Electronic Ass might as well move onto Medal of Honor for their next AAA shooter.

God no, if their mindset is the same and nothing has changed, getting a different IP will do nothing. I'd rather see that IP come back btw when EA actually gains trust back by consumers. They are basically saying Halo and Covid is why this game is the way it is.

What EA should have said that would make me 100% ok with a Medal Of Honor revival

- The game was rushed and had no business coming out in 2021, that is on us.
- The community didn't agree with the direction the game was ahead in terms of design and the game should have been delayed to address this....that was on us.
- Zampella taking over will have full control to design the next BF and EA is taking a hands off approach to see if that helps as we've already promised more creative freedom

Thats the only way I want to see a reboot of that IP, if EA remains the same, I'd be a bit worried at what we'd get.

They know people love BF3 and 4, so they created a whole marketing campaign around how amazing those games were.

lol not really.

I'd say most of the marketing for 2042 was about that base concept as oppose to Portal.

This allowed them to sell a lot of pre-orders and first week buys.

nahhh, they also had betas, early access and tons of footage and feedback so people can even see what Portal was and how it played etc. So I simply can't see this as a "didn't have the product to match the expectations" type thing, as they had too much information on that to pretend they didn't know what to expect, you had a beta and early access letting you play what it would be lol

Anyone who was fucking dumb enough to buy this based on 1 trailer of Portal needs help lol I got this day 1, but shit I at least looked up that footage and understood what they were doing with it, I can only really see this as some bait and switch if you never get a beta, early access and no early review, as in you are buying based on a trailer ALONE and nothing else exist to inform you or something.

My expectations are very leveled. I only expect what I see in the beta, early access and actual real gameplay, I don't just imagine the "good ole days" of BF3 or some shit, I can only buy based on what I know the game to be, not what I fantasize it to be. I don't feel sorry for anyone btw who ended up in that boat.

Publishers job is to hype you up to buy a product, that doesn't relinquish personal responsibly of the consumer to educate themselves on what they are buying. Its even more fucking funny, cause even you said you wouldn't buy BF2042 after the beta. As in, the publisher gave you information, let you play it, you said "no". So EA can allow someone to pre-order, they are not forcing anyone to buy this or pre-order it etc

M Max_Po lol only way we get to BF3 glory days, a BF set in 1993 in the middle east or 2002 in the middle east, heros not allowed, standard class system...scoreboard lol

or Portal 2
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EDMIX EDMIX , you are still in the denial stage. Move on.

nope, you are still in the blame game stage lol

move on.

You didn't even fucking read or understand anything that was being stated, you just keep fucking posting to rage, attack etc other users...

What is even fucking being denied? lol Its like you just get mad and try to fight people on here instead of really reading and understanding anything thats even been stated by users. So I don't know what to tell you bud, it makes no fucking sense to pretend someone was forced to pre-order this when you yourself fucking stated no based on the beta.

That isn't denying shit, thats saying you yourself made a choice based on what you played, saw and read, others can do the same then bud, you literally proved my point based on your own actions...

"No. It offers little value over the competition.
At this point it's a mess, with a ton of technical problems."

Soooooo pretty sure anyone could have came to the same conclusion regarding this if you did. So you just want to use this dumbass "denial" excuse instead of any context to this conversation as its hard to claim EA did something to force someone to fucking pre-order something that had a beta and early access in which even YOU fucking said "no" based on that information.

EA is to blame
for this games condition and how it was received and how its still being seen today based on their actions (as we fucking know you'll say some fake shit like someone is supporting EA by fucking disagreeing with your bizarre claims)

That however doesn't mean personal responsibility is completely thrown out the window and lets blame a trailer and pre-orders as if no one had a beta, early access or early reviews to tell them what the fuck was wrong with this game before they spent money, did you not say no after the beta? So I can see why you rest on this "denial" thing and "defending da EA" thing cause its easy to have such a slow short bus argument with little context, but its hard as fuck to address why you said no after the beta, yet are making it sound as if nothing was shown, given and no reviews out and someone was tricked by big bad EA.

Nice try though =)
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