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EA Post Mortem on BF2042 (WFH, Frostbite upgrades, comparative quality of Halo Infinite, design choices)

Even im burned out about hearing about this dumpster fire...aint shit else to discuss. Worst AAA release of the year. EA and DICE are a joke. Case closed and don't buy anything else from them.


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Damage control on what? I agree with what most are saying. I don't believe I've ever supported the way this game has ever released or was treated by EA, you and many seem to just argue that to scapegoat shit lol

I mean, dear fucking god I'm even saying this game had no business coming out in 2021 and should have been delayed way longer then a year and completely redesigned and relaunched ala FFXIV

So.....just cause we fucking disagree on shit, doesn't mean you hating EA, means I love EA. It sounds so fucking childish and immature, like you want that to be the case to fucking argue to someone about something and make them some sort of EA rep to cry to lol I've had waaaay too many post talking about whats wrong with the game, my issues with the game, what they should have done etc to really be out here pretending what they are saying about this, I automatically would "Damage control". I simply think some of you just want that narrative or something lol.

Covid had nothing to do with this game's issues as everyone else is dealing with that too, yet put out games that didn't have theses issues, mind you...I fucking stated that when they originally tried to claim this, yet you are saying "damage control" when I'm the one that even stated that simply couldn't be the complete cause of this games issues, but it seems like you've ignored all of that to fucking cry about this shit lol

So for the 200010304956 time, This game should have not come out in 2021 and had massive design issues from someone who has never designed a BF title before. Rona has nothing to do with this games massive issues and if it does, its minor as I'm sure its effecting work, that doesn't support launching knowing it has issues, ignoring the feedback from the beta, allowing a designer to remove evergreen concepts like a scoreboard and it sounds like voice chat may have been removed for the same feel good reasons or something lol

So I don't know what to tell you man, none of that fucking sounds like "Damage control"

Hate to give you the bad news =(

It seems many of you seem to only fucking care if someone disagrees with you regarding EA or something and automatically they MUST only fucking like the publisher and no one else or some odd bone head shit. Someone can call out the odd coverage of this game with people suddenly wanting to talk about Steam counts and news stories literally obsessed with the game to the point of reporting shit they don't even report of other titles and someone can still blame the actual publisher for rolling out the game in this state with so many design flaws and issues man. I think you just WANT the either or playground shit, I've never done that crap and I'll see the whole picture and give my view, but I don't do that stupid either or, it must be this or that type shit. Many things went wrong with 2042, that doesn't suddenly mean all those articles talking about steam count isn't suspect when you can't even find from those same outlets that same information about other games. It seems to only be relevant to talk about 2042 lol foh

Nah, I disagree, the real blame is what happened with BF4 in general. Its launch set all of this up. Its a great game mind you and many of us love it, but that might be the problem.

EA launches shit, the game is broken as hell for almost a year, it gets corrected mostly, we get lots of content and its remembered fondly. For all you know, that is what told them putting the game out like shit and patching later is ok, look at how those fans like BF4. So I personally have it as one of my favorites and still play it even today, but how it launched is what even gave EA this idea that this was ok to do if gamers are so forgiving. They took advantage of all that.

BF1 easily one of the best BFs they rolled. I had very little issues, had great post launch support, moved massive units. If anything, that is the game many need to question how it went right and what EA did after to fuck all that up lol

I personally think they kept having DICE put out so many games cause how well BF1, Battlefront 1 and Mirror's Edge was received. It told them "oh so 3 games working on at once is the magic number" lol yet all the titles after had massive controversy after those 3.

^^ That probably should be a staple in all BF titles or even just expanded into its own thing. We are going to debate what the best BF is, what the best rules and settings are anyway, might as well allow users to have that control and let the community shape BF. Even if they did some BF4, but better looking, I don't really believe everyone was even going to be on board. Oh we hate the new hud, oh we hate how the guns have theses attachments set up etc. What we know of BF4 personally, won't be topped and likely anything they make that is suppose to be some sequel to it (as this game actually is suppose to be that) will simply be nit picked to death based on what all of us see as "BF4", so Portal makes more sense to expand upon that.

If we can agree that EA fucked up, DICE fucked up, I don't see the use of some asking for BF4 remaster or remake or something or even a "sequel" as if we already don't trust them, how the fuck do we know the rules, how it moves, plays will even be to everyone's liking? At least with Portal that is up to the player, so I believe that concept is just too incredible to have a simply an extra mode, that shit should just be a whole ass game lol
bro chill.. it was just a joke lol
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