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EA removes a bunch of games from mobile app stores (Android/iOS)


Jan 3, 2012
Nah, more like people were trying to respond to your non sense.

But whatever buddy.

Chû Totoro

Mar 13, 2006
It's just a matter of supporting a video stream, really nothing impressive about it. YouTube works fine as well and also a ton of games. Getting to iOS 5 is simple, jailbreak or have something like a gen 1 iPad that can't be upgraded any further.

I've actually been chipping away at it constantly but since you haven't noticed let me put it together for you. They both have problems, and you are living in a fairy tale world if you think otherwise.

Here's just a few problems with the N64:
Hardware expansion availability
Hardware expansion pricing
Finding the software for a reasonable price (games like Conker for 350 bucks)
Having that expensive software still prone to failure
Finding out which software requires those expansions
No ability to refund broken software
No back-ups of that now broken software

I'm a proponent of platforms that are willing to grow to move on and expand when they are young into something that will ultimately be remarkably stable just like OS X did. Apple abandoned Rosetta for a reason.

I'm a Mac user for like 12-13 years now and their desktop OS has going worse and worse every iteration (regarding the perf, optimisation and liability).

I own an iMac and I still find that Apple makes good products but it's clearly nowhere where it used to be. They made business decisions that wouldn't have been made if they weren't only focusing on more profits. Of course money is something but making good products is important... sadly like in a lot of situations the companies that tend to make the most awesome things are the ones not leading or in danger (best Apple is poor Apple, best Nintendo is not leading Nintendo).

I guess it's mostly opinions here but the Intel shift was the start of the less interesting Apple hardware imo

Edit: and I'm ot talking about iOS because it's just a joke. Nice little features here and there but way to go for needing more memory, more processor power and less battery time just for "innovations". Yeah \o/
Oh and I don't really like Android too even if it being an open OS gives us some really awesome Custom ROM. Just don't stick on the Samsung ROM :p
Actually I find a lot of things to be less optimised than they used to be. Having more power is use as a variable for less optimised coding (if someone has some documents or studies regarding this I'd be happy to read it even if saying the contrary of what I think since I'm clearly not a specialist).


Apr 12, 2013
Kraków, Poland
The entire list of removed games:

Bejeweled 2
Burnout™ CRASH!
Dead Space
Don't Fall Off
Flight Control
Flight Control Rocket
Fly With Me
Lemonade Tycoon
Need for Speed Shift
Real Racing
Sims Medieval by EA
Skate It by EA
Spore™ Creatures
Spore™ Origins
SPY Mouse


Jun 9, 2004
There's some excellent and classic games on that list, @#$% EA for making all our fears about digital distro come true.

Flight Control!!! :(