EA/Rockefellers indoctrinating youths to alien cults (demo pricing errors on Xbox)

What the hell ? Is this true ? EA must be nuts. Fuck this awful company. I knew why I boycott them several years already. (except FIFA 14 but that was my last FIFA too)

Edit: I see it was an error but I still want to rant
both, UFC and FIFA are free for me. try restart your console using SETTINGS --> NETWORK --> ALTERNATE MAC ADRESS --> CLEAR --> RESTART

Both still showing paid for me. I clicked on it for shits and giggles and it will definitely charge my credit card if I went a step further.

North America.
I honestly did not believe you, but it was $6.99. Actually while typing this I double checked and it now says Free. So looks like it was an error.
This is clearly MS trying to bridge the gap between PS4 and Xbone in terms of $$. Next is full DRM and 24hr checks.


Fixed in Australia, showing Free now.