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EA will move Need for Speed development back to Criterion



EA will return the Need for Speed franchise to UK games studio Criterion.

Current franchise leader Ghost Games in Gothenburg is set to become EA Gothenburg once again (pending Swedish Union approval). The studio will refocus itself as an engineering hub supporting development across EA's portfolio. EA told GamesIndustry.biz that: "The engineering expertise in our Gothenburg team, some of whom are architects of the Frostbite engine, is vital to a number of our ongoing projects, and they would remain in that location."

As for the Ghost Games creative team, EA is looking to transfer many of the staff to positions at Criterion and other places within the wider organisation. However, 30 roles remain at risk. "Outside of the engineers and those that we plan to transfer to other positions, there would be 30 additional staff in Gothenburg, and we would hope to place as many of them as possible into other roles in the company," EA tells us.


Most Wanted was basically just Burnout Paradise 2 in all but name.

Kind of both a good and bad thing. Since I would prefer them to stay as seperate franchises.


I'd say bring back burnout, but this is EA we're talking about. They'll just keep pumping out bad to mediocre need for speed games till the end of time.


Honestly I just want the 360 versions of Burnout Revenge and Most Wanted ported, it was a perfect conversions and I would do anything to play them again on PC or PS4 as is.
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They should have instead moved to have Burnout development back in their hands. Next-Gen Burnout would be fantastic considering it could be a mix of Burnout and BeamNG.Drive.
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Just give me burnout already
Not enough potential for monetization.

Anyway it's good news, after having an absolutely horrible time with Payback I've said to myself to avoid NfS games even on sales until a dev change.
I actually heard Need for Speed Heat was a decent game. Anyone played it?
I have its probably the best current NFS game to date if your a huge car guy and like the current car culture with the modding and customization this games is a blast you can really let your imagination go wild. The game is also pretty stat heavy as well I would say in the range of older GT and forza games type of stats physics are good for a arcade racer as well.
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