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Early Grand Theft Auto 6 plans reportedly featured four protagonists and three cities


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Rockstar finally confirmed development on GTA 6 was "well underway" earlier this year, and while official details remain extremely limited, a report by Bloomberg's Jason Schreier on Tuesday shared a number of tantalising details about the project, claiming it'll be set in Miami and will feature the series' first female protagonist as part of a Bonny and Clyde-style duo.

Notably, though, Schreier claimed Rockstar's initial plans were much more ambitious, featuring a map that would include "large swaths of North and South America". Axios' Stephen Totilo has since added a little more detail to those claims, citing his own source as saying Rockstar had earlier planned to have four protagonists in GTA 6, with the action unfolding across three cities.



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Only need one protagonist. That's it. A game never really benefits from multiple protagonists, mainly because devs get lazy and make you traipse through the same level. But that's the problem, is that would requiring using laser focus on one cohesive narrative instead of bouncing back and forth between characters. That and it's already hard enough most the time to like one protagonist let alone multiple protagonists.
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thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
Balancing and swinging between player narratives is difficult heavy rain was excellent and had multiple story lines for gta in particular it’s really good to have one memorable character especially a gangster.


Rockstar's ME: Andromeda... changes in tone/comedy (what was the "punching down" before?), taking forever because there's 'no crunch', but so slow people are leaving the job from frustration, Houser's gone, the 'remakes' all sucked, they're canceling games and remasters... GTA 4/5 may have been the peak. Hard to run a studio at a high level for decades.. BioWare, Bethesda, Rockstar are all showing red flags for decline..
Give us two protagonists in the main story, have them interact with the other two at points throughout, make dlc for them Ala gta 4 but in two different cities

Maybe you visit them briefly for a mission and get a glimpse of the city, dlc expands

Tbh that'd be fucking fantastic, and honestly kind of sounds like what they are talking about by adding new cities.

People are bitching about the term gaas, but everyone loved the gta 4 dlc's lol
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