Earthbound Creator says something is in the works

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Shigesato Itoi, creator of the Earthbound (known as Mother in Japan) series of games and editor-in-chief of the popular Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun website, says that some sort of Earthbound return is underway.

Before you get excited, it’s not Earthbound 4.

Over Twitter, Itoi shared: “Since I’m allowed to drop it on you all now, I’ll just go ahead and say it. The “Mother re-release” I’d mentioned a bit before, we’re making progress on that.”

He added later: “It’s not 4! We’re trying to get Mother working again right now. I still can’t mention any details, but I have to make clear that this isn’t ‘4’!”

Judging by the way it’s worded, it sounds like Itoi could be saying that the involved parties are trying to get Earthbound prepped and working on current systems or for current audiences. A Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console release, perhaps?

Earthbound, for those that aren’t familiar, is a series of role-playing games published by Nintendo. The second game in the series, Mother 2 was released in North America, and was the first and only Mother game to be officially released outside Japan.
Chances of them releasing it outside Japan: 0.00001%. I'll never forgive Nintendo for how they treated Mother 3, fuckers. Thank god for the fans.
He's working on changing stuff about the Mother games so they can be released on the VC
Yep. As said in the last topic, he's probably modifying Earthbound to avoid the legal issues that would have come about from a VC release.

Here are the issues that have hurt Earthbound:

The Sky Runner song needs to be changed
The Chuck Berry battle song needs to be changed
The Dali’s Clock enemy name needs to be changed
Why can't it be released on the VC?
I think it has to do with some of the music that was sampled when the games were created. Things that shouldn't have been used or might cost to much to license for various markets now. However this doesn't excuse Mother 3 though as that was made a time when Nintendo knew not to make those mistakes. The excuse that it was to late to put it out is bs as well. They just had to slap a DS logo on the game and call it a day if there was nothing content wise stopping it.

Edit: People shouldn't get excited about this at all.

It's probably a Mother 1+2+3 re-release for Japan. :(

There is a bunch of music in Earthbound that is more than a little remeniscent of actual music. So they'd probably have to rework those tunes to sound a little less like the originals they're based off.
It was two songs. Skyrunner theme and Hippy theme. Almost a non-issue. The other problem was merely the enemy name "Dali's Clock."

Earthbound's Legal Issues
Over Twitter, Itoi shared: “Since I’m allowed to drop it on you all now, I’ll just go ahead and say it. The “Mother re-release” I’d mentioned a bit before, we’re making progress on that.”

Even if it's just an edited ROM dump, I'll be happy as long as it comes to North America!
Great news, it's about time they started working on a way to get the games re-released somehow. Hopefully they just do a deluxe 3DS compilation of some kind and hopefully both NCL and NOA get their heads in the game this time on making sure a localization happens. I spent $350 on an Earthbound cart + player's guide back in May (played it a lot this summer, just got back into it, am currently on Moonside) and so far it's been well worth it but obviously there needs to be a more viable and affordable official option for folks who want to play the games.
Incredibly classy move to have him involved.

If it is just the music issue and some minor other minor things, you'd think they COULD have someone else make those creative decisions since it's such a small part of the experience.

I just need to temper my expectations to not assume this might mean one step closer for Mother 3 to finally get officially released in english.
People really shouldn't be expecting anything different at this point. I guess it's good to hope and stay positive. I normally would agree but not with this series.
The eShop existing now changes the equation quite a bit.

Hard to believe that an eShop release of the game wouldn't be profitable in all markets for Nintendo (and probably would move some 3DSes).
If this ends up being a re-release collection the fan outcry in English speaking countries is going to be immense and immediate. OpRainfall plus every other fan movement added in and multiplied exponentially.