EarthBound, USA Announced: Fan Documentary Featuring Interview with Shigesato Itoi

Edit (10/27/2014): We now have a trailer, as part of the You Are Now EarthBound Kickstarter.
Ubsey Movies, creators of the tongue-in-cheek Earthbound Saga fan series, is making a full-fledged fan documentary. said:
The documentary is called EarthBound USA, and it’s about how EB fans have fought to popularize the Mother series in North America since the 1990’s.
The documentary has a Kickstarter set to launch "later this year," with a 2015 release planned.

Read and see more at the links. I'm super, duper excited!
I'd do nasty nasty things for a earthbound on 3DS or WiiU. Nintendo should try to convince him to make another one somehow. Shit would do numbers on 3DS. Will definitely check this documentary out.
Just started playing EB for the first time, and couldn't be having more fun with it while utilizing a PDF of the original player's guide. This is pretty cool, and I'm interested to see where it goes!
Hopefully Itoi is receptive about Mother/EarthBound discussion. It would be cringey otherwise. Last I read, he was kind of sick of talking about the series, and wanted to leave it behind him (which I can find understandable, given that he has a lot of varied interests, and is likely approached mainly about Mother/EarthBound a lot).