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Dark knight you just love to see the look of despair on Brandon's face don't you?
haha he had a choice to take it. I always give him a choice :)

Actually i wanted another duel and Brandon mentioned how much he played the first Halo when it came out. But depending on how it shakes out I have a part 3 lined up ;)

We'll see

And chat had a Great idea of 2 v 2 Halo CE matches. Where Jones picks the first ally. I sent a note to Brandon about it on Twitter. Hope he sees it
"I think the sights are off!" he shouts, flailing wildly as he struggles to headshot the rampaging zombies with his gun gripped clumsily in the wrong hand.
Ben, the last episode of Tales from the East should be a long single shot of you standing at the beach, staring into the western horizon.

I somehow botched the direction on the first version of this post. It's late, apparently
You don't need to be 'caught up', just watch when you feel like it and remember what episode you left off on. It's not as if we need to avoid TTE spoilers on social media.

In other words: You really need to experience illegal cat racing and learn that the world is a seashell when you don't know what a seashell is.
I just don't have the time. I find it hard enough keeping up on my podcasts as is.

*Ian talks about the haters in the comment section*
*notices hater in the Patreon comment section*
What did Ian even say to warrant that rubbish? That's it okay to boycott a company if they support terrible stuff? I thought right wingers were all for the free market?

It didn't seem like the Allies had a good understanding of that mess though. First off, he absolutely did do it. The Daily Beast posted screenshots of their initial correspondence with him where he confirmed it and even his buddy, Milo Yiannopoulos (noted bigot and all round awful human being), confirmed it too. Second, Palmer Lucky didn't just fund a pro-Trump/anti-Hillary shitposting organisation, he was the co-founder of a white supremacist shitposting organisation. He's human garbage.
glad ben brought up the palmer luckey story.

-ian had some great and insightful thoughts about it
-fuck people who always give him shit
-got somewhat peeved at brandon saying "if this did happen" since i believe this was recorded after palmer's statement and ben did say that he did in fact make the donation
-wonder how the statements from the oculus ceo and jason rubin would have influenced the conversation
I think what Brandon said was fair, given the fact that he probably didn't follow the thread/story closely, and wasn't aware of all the details of the story, "incriminating" Luckey.

It's fair not to want to jump on the witch hunt bandwagon, if you didn't even read the details yourself, especially for more serious accusations like these.
And it's not like he didn't give an opinion on the subject.

Although I disagreed with a couple of minor points, i thought the discussion went rather well, considering how much of a can of worms the whole thing is.

Ian did a good job especially.

A bit surprised they didn't bring up Dragon Quest though since they seem to be such big fans of it (and Sugiyama, its composer, is a war crimes denier, and uses its money to fund such propaganda).
I am in the separate art from artist camp, and I think it's more complicated than simply boycotting this or that (though I understand the sentiment) but it would've made a more interesting talking point, especially with Huber on.
Great Frame Trap discussion. I thought they did a good job talking about a difficult subject. You always want to think that you're open to understanding a person as a whole, but that clashes with the human desire to categorize people based on whatever information is available. It's especially tempting to find some negative thing about a person and then dismiss them based on that, because then you can feel like you compare favorably to that person, whether or not you actually do.

Even as someone who's upset by this recent Palmer Luckey news, I would have been disappointed if this discussion segment had just been a pile-on for that guy. There are always going to be folks who don't want to hear any discussion of a topic that doesn't attempt to reinforce the opinion of it that they already had, but I feel like this approach was more interesting and more relatable.
Finally got round to last week's podcast. Holy shit at Kyle's "Dad...kill yourself!" line. I knew it was coming as soon as he said "Gee, thanks, Dad!" And then his laugh whilst the other three are looking in disbelief at what had just been said. Perfect.
Hey Ben, what edition Ranger was Brandon using? I only ask because I love how the Ranger in 5E appears to be turning out, as the last Unearthed Arcana they released about it seems pretty close to finished (balance aside).
Y'know, I can't wait to hear the songs about Brad.

Brad is probably the one that sticks out the least in this crew of colourful personalities, and I don't mean that in a bad way. In fact, in this instance in particular, I think that's really great because it'll be harder to guess what is going to be in the songs. If they had to sing about Huber for example (even though he didn't participate), I'm sure we'd hear references to his enthusiasm or his affinity for vikings/axes/melee combat, etc. With Brad it's more a mystery what we're going to hear, and I like that.
I hope we return to this new storyline relatively soon. I love all these new characters and I'd be sad if we don't learn more about them. Anyways whether it's more Nightingale backstory or Yogalla killing Moof in the Mirror Maze I'm 100% invested in your story Ben. (Even if there is no Chinese monks or gnomes)

Ben, the last episode of Tales from the East should be a long single shot of you standing at the beach, staring into the western horizon.

I somehow botched the direction on the first version of this post. It's late, apparently
Nah the last epsiode should end with Ben looking at photos from his trip, reminiscing, then he sighs and looks down crestfallen. Then he sits down at his computer, and then you see the glint of an idea come to him, next you see him booting up Civilization VI and a close up of his mouse as it selects to play as Japan, as soon as the mouse clicks... the video ends.
Remember Game Sleuth?
Yes I do! Isn't there supposed to be new episode before this month is up? Or am I misremembering things.

To the Frame Trap discussion, I second the thoughts about Palmer Luckey related segment being good. Especially the quality of the discussion, it was very civil all the time. And them talking about people having disagreeing views while still respecting the another person. Also first time for me hearing about Barilla, I really need to consider sticking to cheaper alternatives. Their pasta isn't that special that I need to have it. And after today, it would have really sour after taste.

I also 100% agree with Ian's comments about movie action scenes. Fast editing, constant close ups and such really turn me off the movie. I mean, if I'm watching an action movie, I'd like to see the action and be able to appreciate it. Since that's the thing that should impress me. He name dropped some great examples too. Also while it wasn't mentioned, action that too heavily relies on CGI doesn't really impress me either. So for example Superman destroying Metropolis does nothing for me, except gives me a chuckle about Superman's disregard to human life.
New TTE was great overall.
I loved the alternative perspective, and although they had little time to establish characters and all that, i thought they did a good job (Ian and Brad were especially hilarious).
Brandon didn't get much of a chance to act it out, since a lot of time was spent on the other three messing around, but i guess that was a bit endemic of it being the first episode.
One little criticism, is how Huber seemed to be "out of it", compared to his usual role playing with Hogger/Law/Pomper.
Maybe he didn't like the character, or maybe it was just an off day?
Anyway, i really hope they find a way to make this work in a more regular schedule.

Since they record all the episodes in one go, they could record, say, 2 hours of traditional TTE, and 2 hours of this, and then alternate them week by week.
Don't know if Ben could keep up with it though, lol, sounds complex.

Also YAY! at more Fiasco coming.
I really hope this second DnD party will continue...and then 100 episodes later the two parties meet for the final battle in the most confusing, gargantuan episode of sequential media ever presented
I started playing the Final Fantasy XIV demo on PS4 which is surprisingly entertaining so far... DOPAMIN! Control-wise it is acceptable, at least as far as Solo-Quest content goes... Hopefully there will be a Heavensward sale anytime soon, would love to dabble a bit more in the world. Sadly I couldn't get onto Gilgamesh, the EZA-server... :-/

What baffles me, though in face of this "revelation" is that Guild Wars 2 never came to console, which has a fairly limited range of usuable abilities during fights etc.

Edit: Also thanks from me too, DarkKnight, Goldeneye was already awesome, can't wait for Halo:CE! More tournements/duels with stake are always welcome =)
So I'm new to the thread and looking at the figures, why can the Easy Allies not afford to go full time/produce more content/Final Bosman/their own Fatburger franchise?

Enjoy the gift of Hasney. Drink it in, maaaaaaaannnn

So I'm new to the thread and looking at the figures, why can the Easy Allies not afford to go full time/produce more content/Final Bosman/their own Fatburger franchise?

Enjoy the gift of Hasney. Drink it in, maaaaaaaannnn

I was going to respond to you but then I realized who you were. Welcome back Hasney!
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