Eating stuff straight out of the can.

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yeah, i tried it with a can of Chef Boyardee once. Didn't care for it, too....cold, i guess?

Does eating vienna sausages out of the can count? Cause those were awesome lol
You know the best way for a movie to get me to sympathize with its characters? Show them eating from a can. It's so sad. The world has ended and they'll never know how to use a fork or a bowl ever again.
Spinach like fucking Popeye. OK not like Popeye, I can't just squeeze the can but I did use an opener and fork. I love spinach... Usually fresh in a salad but I needed to be manly with soggy-canned goodness once.

I eat a bunch out of the can. Camping? Pull the wrapper, crack open the can and place that sucker on hot ash for a few to warm up your meal. Grab it with a glove and grab your fork.
Canned tuna salad when I was lazy.

Also, technically every time you drink a soda from a can, unless you're weird and need to pour it into a glass first.
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