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EB New Zealand sends e-mail promoting SR4, mocks Aussie censorship

I got this email from EB Games this morning.

I think in New Zealand we're getting an uncut version of the game. I'M NOT SURE, THIS EMAIL IS TOTALLY AMBIGUOUS.


NZ has actually banned some games like Manhunt, but they have had an R18 rating for games for almost 20 years and none of the crazy double standards Aussie gamers have put up with thanks to that South Australian Attorney General.


I'd be in the dick
Anti wub wub Aussie Edition should be what the game is called over there.

Whoever wrote this knew exactly what they were doing. It honestly sounds exactly like something out of Saint's Row.


If you Aussies prefer your Saints with maximum wubs, I'm more than happy to smuggle some copies over the ditch.


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The marketing for the game is reaaaaally good.


I'm Australian and i applauding EB NZ.
Well done

The more Main Stream Businesses, and Media (minus forums) are mocking the stupidity from our Censorship the bigger the slap in the face is, and a laughing stock we are.
I'd go to a point and say oh well, typical... If we still had 15+. But with an R18+ rating now, it's beyond pathetic.

Good thing i Import most of my games.
FU AU Censorship, You can't touch this.
*rubs body*
I found this thread from the news.

A NeoGAF user by the handle "Gouda Jouji" received the below EB NZ promotion in his inbox, which makes it extremely clear that New Zealand is getting an uncut version of the game.

Also, only a sucker pays full price from EB Games. There will be so many cheaper alternatives.
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