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Ed Brubaker is the head writer on HBO Max’s new Batman animated series


Brubaker is running the writers room along with Timm and is acting as Timm’s right hand. He is also earning an exec producer credit on the show, which The Hollywood Reporter has learned will have a 10-episode first season. Brubaker will be the head writer on the series.

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Nice, he has written many great comics. I hope this doesn't mean he is looking to transition away from the comics industry. Understandable if he wants to advance his career in that manner but it will be a sad day if he does.
Read some of his ‘Criminal’ comics back in the day and they were very well-written. Fans of Frank Miller’s work should check it out, he even writes an introduction in the book.


Hope this is the return of the old comics Brubaker and not the recent Brubaker who did the horrendous "Too old to die young" series.
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