Edge Magazine: The 100 Greatest Videogames 2017 Edition

Jun 12, 2013
United States
I may not agree with a lot of this list, but I kinda love how different it is from the usual top 100 lists we see from publications. The top 10 is usually so predictable. Seeing some recent releases is really cool.
May 15, 2014
I may not agree with a lot of this list, but I kinda love how different it is from the usual top 100 lists we see from publications. The top 10 is usually so predictable. Seeing some recent releases is really cool.
I also think it's interesting to see many new games in such a list without the benefits of nostalgia you see in other top 100s. -Honestly I can agree with the top 20 as a whole, there are some titles in it after that, which I wouldn't even consider good games though and would gladly switch them with the likes of Chrono Trigger, Nier Automata or others...

Also seeing Witcher 3 so far back in that list is a bit strange, I thought it was clearly one of the best games this generation and deserves a higher place in a top 100 of all time list.
May 15, 2014
These lists are always impossible and therefore meaningless. No Shenmue and no Sonic is ridiculous.
Sonic Adventure 2 surely deserves it more than a Far Cry 4 to be on that list, true. There are also a lot of PC titles missing too, the list seems a bit biased. Not having Deus Ex(the very first one) in it is quite a surprise, also Diablo 2 would deserve a spot there.

In general I'd rather see a top games of a decade/generation list without any numbering. Make it 30(or more) games each decade and don't bother with numbers.
Which are these so called gamecube masterpieces, that are better than F-Zero GX?

Melee is easily better (feels infinitely better to play than the newer entries in the smash bros series. Easily the best nintendo local casual multiplayer game that also, somehow, ended up being an extremely unique and godlike competitive platform fighting game).

which are the others?

(i'm obviously aware of the other gamecube classics than you can bring up, but i'm still interested in your opinion)
Well Metroid Prime is the best game of all time so that for one

Smash Bros as you said

Now I wouldn't fault anyone for preferring F-Zero over WindWaker and RE4, but nevertheless I simply have more fun playing those two games.

F-Zero is the leading contender for 5th spot. I also really love Pikmin 2
Jun 22, 2013
I doubt BotW will even be in my top five of 2017 by the end of October, but opinions and all that. Suppose I shouldn't be surprised to see GTA5 in the top five as well then.
Jul 12, 2008
This list makes me feel old. Too many new games. I feel like some of these are only on there because the were recently re-released. I mean I liked Vanquish, but I probably wouldn't have remembered it if I made a top 500 list if it hadn't just launched on PC.
Ditto. Plenty of new games ranked really high.
Jun 21, 2018
So, Chrono Trigger is not in the list, Final Fantasy VI is not in the list, Planescape Torment is not on the list, Yakuza think it is not on the list, Limbo instead of Inside, The Phantom Pain instead of Metal Gear Solid 3.... I think that only agreed one time with any of those "List".
Jun 3, 2013
I think these lists exist solely to make people argue. I also think this is a really bad list. Lots of obvious stuff represented (it's funny that these lists almost always place tetris in the top 10 out of obligation or something, I love Tetris a LOT, but I just question it's continued place on these lists - I wonder how many game journos are still into it) tons of fashionable favourites that won't be remembered in 5 years, and lots of absolute classics forgotten.
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Jul 24, 2018
https://dmarket.com/blog/45-best-pc-games/ here is the nice list, which I like and even agreed. The best 45 games for PC.
Says Max Payne 2001 *shows a screenshot from Max Payne 2*

See, stuff like this makes me immediately question the whole thing, because you have to wonder whether they even know the games they're supposedly rating. Almost everyone has a tendency to put what they think "should" be on lists like that rather than actually be honest about which games they like, which is why these lists are always shit and the same crap keeps popping up on them even if no one actually still thinks those games are good today. You can only get something interesting out of this exercise when you're honest.