Edge: "Nintendo Direct - promises, promises"

What did they expect? Was Nintendo supposed to release a bunch of games tomorrow that were not ready?

Yes, they messed up the launch, at least they're doing something about it.
But Wii U has the sequel to the best RPG of all times mang

it has motorcycle mechs that transform into fighting mechs

they give you a massive environment and you can fly everywhere

you might get to climb dinosaurs too
Besides Mario Kart and 3D Mario, was everything else shown realy a lock? A Yoshi game was heavily rumored but there hasn't bee a console Yoshi game for 15 years.

I guess no one expected that. But it's not anything I imagine many people outside the Nintendo clan care much about.
"Nintendo clan"? Did you forget the other half of that was Shin Megami Tensei?

Overall Edge's point is correct in that Wii U's future is mainly set with promises for now.
Meanwhile, PC and mobile continue their inexorable rise, and Microsoft and Sony prepare to unveil their next-generation consoles. 2013 could be the year in which the videogame landscape is utterly transformed, more quickly and more viciously than anyone could have forecast. When Nintendo finally delivers the games its fanbase wants, will they still be interested?


Yes, they will.....
You bet your ass we'll still be interested. Nintendo has a solid following. They give us the games and we give them our $. We just wanted some 2013 reassurance for the "loan" we gave them on launch day ;)
The weird thing about this piece is that it speaks on behalf of Nintendo fans and portrays them as if they're... not Nintendo fans. Also:

"Nintendo is offering their fans promises"

"Sony and MS will totally deliver on the nothing they've announced so far."

Seems kind of odd.
Showing games two years off isn't going to help the system now. "Just wait longer!" is bullshit when any company trots it out. We all gave Sony and MS shit when they tried it, too. Nobody is picking on poor Nintendo just for being Nintendo.
"Nintendo is offering their fans promises"

"Sony and MS will totally deliver on the nothing they've announced so far."

Seems kind of odd.
Not just promises, but they had trailers/screenshots/development videos for Wind Waker HD, Yoshi WiiU, X, Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2. As opposed to...rumours about new consoles?
I think Edge expected typical big gun announcements: retro game, Mario games footage, Zelda wiiu footage and etc. A weird article piece they came up today...
Even if they showed those it would still be just a promise. It seems like the only way Nintendo could have gotten past this would be to release all these games before June which we know wasn't happening.


My aunt & uncle run a Mom & Pop store, "The Gamecube Hut", and sold 80k WiiU within minutes of opening.
What a ridiculous statement by edge.

Nintendo let off a mini e3-like bomb with today's direct, with a bunch of hyped post on neoGAF that are too much to read through. Its crystal clear Nintendo has a lot of fresh products and ideas cooking in the oven. 2013 for Wii U is going to be excellent.
I'm trying to think of the last time Nintendo has told us they were going to release a game and failed to do so. The only time I can think of is with Super Mario 128
I don't think there's an issue with Nintendo's fanbase, there's an issue with everyone else.
Agreed. The first party games/exclusives are why I got the Wii U, and while today's announcements give me a lot to look forward to, a lot of it (Mario, Zelda, Yoshi, Smash, etc.) are things you'd reasonably already expect to happen. I'm not sure how many people who weren't already interested in Wii U would be "converted" by today's ND.
WTF did they expect? a dudebro FPS with regen health and 24 players online MP developed by Good Feel coming out tomorrow as a launch title for the brand new Wii U 4K?

WTF, journalists, What the fuck?

...wait, I think I know the answer, they didn't expect shit, they were waiting for this to happen so they could write an article of how Sony and Microsoft wer crushing them with their so far imaginary next gen consoles that nobody has seen yet. Gotta get those hits somehow huh?


Two copies sold? That's not a bomb guys, stop trolling!!!
As said by others, the juxtaposition between "Nintendo is just promises, and nothing else" and "Can't wait to see Sony and Microsoft's promises" is peculiar.
I don't know: it's true that with this ND they didn't address all the current Wii U problems, and there aren't release dates for the next titles, but man...MAN. They were criticized for not saying anything about what they're doing, and today they blasted EVERYTHING. And surprised with things like WW HD and, above all, Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem. Still looking at the trailer saying "WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?" They did what people wanted: making people aware of what they're working on. Iwata like a boss today, especially with "How was it?" after the X trailer. He knew it was orgasmic, HE KNEW IT! :lol

It's also true this is probably a way to distract investors when next week there will be 3DS with (probably) slightly lower sales trend than forecasted and...problematic Wii U numbers compared to the forecasts, but ehi, they still did what many of us wanted, we'd be very happy today!
Nintendo doesn't mention future games: "Where is the long term vision!?"
Nintendo shows future games: "Promises promises"

This. Exactly This. Nintendo just can't catch a break. I also echo the statement that it's not Nintendo's fanbase, it's everyone else that's the real problem.
Obviously this Direct didn't alleviate all concerns about the Wii U and there's no guarantees its struggle will end anytime soon. But it absolutely delivered what Nintendo fans wanted, news about upcoming software they care about along with footage for most of those games, that's better than simple promises. (we had those too, like saying they're working with more third parties than just Atlus).

Still, they need to show they have some kind of third party support right now, because that will always be the main concern.
Man, that's pretty terrible.
Nintendo at least has a track record for delivering on their promises.
Unlike almost every other Japanese game developer.
This is like Edge's 3rd piece in the last 6 months where they take an otherwise accurate report and then add the most boneheaded conjecture on top.

See also: their Dark Souls 2 and Valve articles.
Nintendo has to do it this way to put the Wii U on best footing against Sony/MSFT. At E3 they'll be showing off their 2nd gen titles from their top tier internal developers when MSFT and Sony are showing off their initial demoesque forays into next gen development.
Rather than "demoesque"... I would consider them to be the hardened results of developers that have spent seven years diving into HD development. Nintendo's top tier are knee deep into HD development and online multiplayer at best right now.