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Edge of Twilight: cancelled?


Nov 23, 2013
Not much is known about the whereabouts of the game. The company developing it http://www.fuzzyeyes.com/ seems to have opened a Japanese branch for developing mobile titles. Apparently to my surprise an iOS game was made that took place in the same universe.
The game was a long running joke with one of my co-workers that was really looking forward to the game. It sure looked nice but who knows what became of it.


May 31, 2011
It was cancelled in quiet a long time ago.

This is an email I received from Mick Gordon three years ago, who was the composer on the game:

Thanks a bunch for your email, it's greatly appreciated.

You're correct - that's all my work in the trailers (music and sound) and you can even hear some of the voice actors that we recorded. That strange radio voice at the start of Someone Special is Mike Patton from Faith No More!

Unfortunately...all the doubt is true. The project is dead and the studio has been disbanded, and we're all very sad as a result. I guess I kinda left EOT under "current projects" because I hoped that it would get picked up again, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. A lot of people spent a lot of time working on EOT and we're all very proud of the work, but sometimes things come to an end. Most of the team have now gone on to other great projects and are working for companies such as Sony, THQ, Rareware, Quantum Dream, Grasshopper Manufacture, etc.

So yes, I'm so sorry to say, but the project has been canceled. It was out of our control - the decision was from business, not from creative.

Thanks a lot for your email though, as it's nice to know that people still think of the game.

Please stay in touch!

When a new "Fuzzy Eyes" was resurrected and they claimed they were going to put the game out in 2013, it smelled like bullshit through and through.

It's unfortunate we never really got any standalone releases of the music from the trailers. That shit was so cash.


Jun 13, 2008
Oh wow. I hadn't heard anything about this game in years and the last time I did, it was all but confirmed to be cancelled. I think it's safe to say it's dead.

Mr. Tibbs

Jul 26, 2013
From the official Facebook page.

This is an open letter to everyone who cares about Edge of Twilight

Eight years ago, we first announced Edge of Twilight. At that time, we mainly operated in Brisbane, Down Under. The development of Edge of Twilight was never an easy task. When we first generated the idea for Edge of Twilight, the videogame industry was in a time of transition from the existing generation (PlayStation 2 and XBox) consoles to the so-called next-gen consoles that occupy the market today (PlayStation 3 and XBox 360). And now, the videogame world is moving from current the next-gen consoles to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Eight years ago, arguments the team had caused concern: We were questioning whether we were able to deliver a good game with the newer generation platforms. The decision was made, and the Australian team began implementing an amazing, stylised and fun-to-play title. We were inspired by so many great games lighting up the videogame world the time. We were hoping to be able to create something amazing, instilling our footsteps in videogame history.

Granted, we almost failed. The Australian team had to disband due to legal issues in 2009, heaving the title over an Asian company. The Asian company, despite our continuously working on the game, failed due to a lack of vision and skills. Edge of Twilight would never see the light of day. Regarding the amount of investment put into Edge of Twilight, it was tremendous to say the least. Even so, its failure meant more than just money. So many team members had to sacrifice their time, breaking up with their lovers, getting committed to mental hospitals, taking drugs, placed under arrest by the police, falling from balcony, getting deported and even getting divorced - all resulting from the stress from the game’s development. They were a team without experience yet not without the drive to create something amazing. I am still very proud of every one of them.

Toward the end of 2010, some possibilities had arison, and I were able to partner with an outstanding investment company. We than started working on the possibility of bringing back our game, Edge of Twilight. Our partnership with Futai Enginning came as a result of the increased load of work and hastening progress. The president of Futai, Mr Liu, said, “Edge of Twilight is not obstructed; it is only just suspended in time, and waiting to make a triumphant return.” With all the relief we got from other companies, we were able to reboot the Fuzzyeyes brand and bring back yet again Edge of Twilight IP from that Asian company.

After that, things start moving extremely quickly. I was hoping to bring back the original Edge of Twilight right away. However, the board had decided to work on something small first, to warm-up the new development and management teams. We were able to deliver an iOS title, Edge of Twilight - Athyr Above within budget, hitting our the sales target. We are all satisfied with the new team and eager to work on our dream title again.

During that time, we expanded Fuzzyeyes to many different offices and businesses. We have a new business entity, JDJC & Fuzzyeyes Limited for financial management. We re-activated Taiwan Fuzzyeyes (台灣眼花撩亂股份有限公司) for research and development. And in the heart of Japan, Osaka, we have started Fuzzyeyes Japan (ファジーアイズジャパン株式会社). We also have been working with different teams from all around the world. Teams in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Canada, New Zealand and Russia. We are no longer only working on Edge of Twilight; we have started building technologies for clients and government parties. However, Edge of Twilight is, and always will be, our biggest goal.

Not many games cause as many developer casualties as did Edge of Twilight. During Edge of Twilight’s development, Many employees suffered health problems, relationship troubles, and financial difficulties. We also saw the ugliest side of a human – the side that results from a lust for power and money. We saw every possible challenge during the development, and we are still doing everything we can to bring this title out. We have put into this project our souls, our sweat and our blood. In a way, our story resembles the background story of Edge of Twilight. It’s a story about struggle, challenges, love, different perspectives and the undertaking of finding one’s inner soul.

Edge of Twilight - Athyr Above gave us confidence and motivated us in the development of our console releases. With the support from some amazing companies, we are now able to deliver Edge of Twilight to more platforms. Every day, we are hoping to share the progress of development to everyone. However we are not allowed to talk about it until publishers give us permission. All we can say for now is we are at the final count down.

CEO of Fuzzyeyes Group


Apr 1, 2014
Wow, that's... dramatic. Yeesh, must've been a terrible work environment for all that to have happened.


Thought Emoji Movie was good. Take that as you will.
Feb 7, 2010
Ore-Gone.. not Ory-Gone.
Probably should have stayed cancelled if the iOS game is anything to go by... check it here:


..and this lovely review:

Customer Reviews
It's a trap!

by Azinye
The artwork in the cutscenes is gorgeous but then the game starts and everything turns super ugly. I was about to ask where did that bad arse looking sword from the cutscenes go but realized he still had it but it looks like crap. I thought it was a billy club the way he swings it. He fights like he is having a serious hangover. No auto targeting either. I quit after level one. It usually isn't fair to write it off so quickly but I already didn't like the whole shadowman concept. He becomes a new person during day and night. The creators should have stuck to animating.

Also, 26 ratings.. 2 Star average.

Here's some gameplay.

Sad story, but yeah.
Oct 9, 2005
I don't know what to make of this. What this game and developer has gone through sounds super weird. That one trailer was pretty good back in 2007 or whenever, so I guess I'm looking forward to seeing it re-revealed.

That guy's voice is still awesome. Who is that guy?


Neo Member
Aug 4, 2014
So this game could actually see the light of day?

It has always been confusing to me whether this game was actually cancelled or not. I would read a disappointing article saying it was no longer in production and the company went under, then I would go to the official website and it would still be up... so I've been holding out hope for years and years.

This letter has made my entire day!