EG: Alien: Isolation modder adds VR support (rift currently, vive possibly later)

Article on Eurogamer, done a search couldn't find anything on GAF.

Finishing the work The Creative Assembly started

Sega's excellent first-person horror game Alien: Isolation was demoed by developer The Creative Assembly in VR, though the game never actually received any VR support at, or after, launch. The developer later explained that this was simply a proof of concept, and the game sadly didn't sell well enough to receive post-launch VR support or a sequel

That hasn't stopped dedicated modder Nibre from finishing the work The Creative Assembly started back in 2014. With their latest mod, MotherVR, we can get a good sense of what Alien: Isolation would look like had the developer been able to realise its VR vision.

I have a rift but I don't I could take it, shock wise. :(
As you can see in the video above, this mod allows you to peek around corners with positional head-tracking. You can also look around while in the middle of a hacking sequence, something one couldn't do in the official release where the player's eyes were glued to their device's screen.

Nibre noted that MotherVR is designed to be played while seated. "By playing this Mod any other way than seated, you do so at your own risk," the modder said on GitHub. "You may be able to stomach this standing, but I absolutely cannot recommend it at this time. Roomscale does not work whatsoever right now."

Mother VR is currently available on Oculus Rift, though Nibre would like to add Vive support in the futureFurthermore, the current version of Mother VR is only compatible with an Xbox controller or mouse and keyboard but the modder hopes to one day add motion controls with Oculus Touch.
Download MOD link below.
If you'd like to give the MotherVR mod a go, you can download its alpha right now on
I played some of Alien in VR with the dk2 when it was possible, it was really nice but it used to drift a bit.

Hopefully this will work with revive.


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This is my favourite game of the last decade, but I only have a PSVR.

I'd pay full price again for a PSVR re-release.

I am so ready for the Vive version, playing the tech demo at E3 is what sold me on VR.

Edit: Please, PLEASE release the Vive version quickly. I have had the game installed on my PC since launch and haven't touched it because I've been waiting years for something like this.
Not huuugely interested until I can have handtracking and roomscale, at which point this could be a killer app, but a seated experience would be pretty cool I guess.

Uhh. So I'm aiming with the center of my view or something? I think that would make me really sick.
Worked really, really well in Resident Evil 7 apparently. Must be intuitive as heck.

Why the hell would it make you sick? VR makes you sick if the vision moves without your head moving. Aiming with your head keeps everything 1:1. If anything it would be the least sick-inducing way of aiming. Your head moves, your crosshair moves.
Played a VR demo of Isolation way back at some gaming convention in Toronto. It was ridiculously immersive for me. It's what fully sold me on VR in the first place
Just messed with for a bit, and can't wait to do more. Only issue was how much it zooms on text terminals, which makes you go crossed eyed trying to read it, so I just close an eye for that part.

Plan on playing through this game for the first time like this.
Did the DK2 hack last year and this game was soooo close to being perfect in VR, but the head tracking issues made me get motion sickness after a few minutes.

If this guy can fix the head tracking issues and get it working on the Vive I will throw some money his way. Could be one of the best VR experiences if it works.
Awesome, I was disappointed when I finally got an Oculus and found out the Isolation VR had never actually been implemented. Gonna give this a try once I get everything downloaded.
I played through this in VR on the dk2 when it was released. I think it took a few years off of my life. It is pretty cool but I also don't know if I can fully recommend it. Maybe a little too intense.
I played this with vorpx, not the best solution but it worked with some wonky menu issues. This is hopefully better. And yeah it's terrifying but the game to me is kind of boring.
Has anybody made an old Rift to new Rift wrapper yet? Or did this guy somehow hook up a totally new implementation?

I miss Suwapyon 2.
Played the first 15 minutes. The game looks incredible in VR. Probably the best looking game I've seen in VR so far, and the framerate is buttery smooth. However, it currently has a major problem, and that's the inability to look around in increments as in RE7. VR legs or not, this is a major cause of motion sickness. Couldn't play another minute.
Cutscenes are broken and terminals make you go cross-eyed otherwise the mod works very well. I've put 3 hours into it and I'd say it feels like the game was made for VR. Pretty impressive.
got some time in with this... pretty surprised. if you're down with seated/non-roomscale this may very well be the best way to play the game with a few updates