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Elden Ring enters the top 10 highest grossing premium games in US history


Not gonna lie Elden Ring may have ruined some games for me.

I’m playing God of War on PC right now, and I’m like…this is it?? Opening different chests, so so combat with a camera up my ass, and Boy! Read this!

And people are excited for Ragnarok??

I need more now. I need freedom to create badass builds, with kickass weapons.


Elden Ring becoming the highest grossing game of the year is a very good sign. Its still more difficult and more open than 95% of other AAA games, this game doesn't bombard you with waypoints and checklists.

Elden Ring means the industry hasn't gone full retard yet. The consumers still like being offered a challenge that doesn't play the game for them.

If this opens up the possibility of, say, an AssCreed game without all the busywork, checklist open world and waypoints, I might return to that franchise.
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