ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational hosted by TBS

Hopefully Zhi turns it down a bit on mic, dude can get annoying.

Last stream Infil said he will be playing as Juri in ELeague
Zhi will say some funny things, but I don't think he will be quite as provocative as he normally is. This is national TV and they will just not let him back on if he says some shit.

edit: will he just be doing stream commentary or TV commentary? guess we'll find out.
No Mike "Meik Rus" Ross is a bummer to me but the event should be hype. SFV has been so freaking good from a spectator (and player) perspective this far.
Also what's up with all the Zhi hate? The dude is golden as a commentator.


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Oh, so the show started sooner than expect. Nice.

Still seems weird how they mispronounced Karin's name in an sports setting (it's pronounced Kah-Reen).