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Electronic Arts rolls out new disclosure rules for streamers and "influencers

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Mar 16, 2016
Salt Lake City, UT

"Any YouTuber, streamer or otherwise active influencer, who enters into a collaboration with Electronic Arts in their content creation and does not yet use their own labeling system, is now requested to use our Hashtags and Watermarks," EA said. There will be two hashtag/watermark combos:

#supportedbyEA: Covers all content that EA has supported, such as through invitations to events or shows, or the coverage of travel expenses. EA will have no direct influence over the creation of this content, however.
#advertisement: Actual advertising, covering "content that EA could have editorial influence over or content that EA itself has created."

For text and image-based content, such as on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, the hashtags must be placed directly in the message, while in video or streamed content, the watermark has to be displayed, or EA's involvement "explicitly mentioned," at the beginning of the video
Not open for further replies.