Ellie is the main playable character in The Last of Us: Part II

Just confirmed by Neil at the PSX panel. Also, she's 19 in the game. Interesting. I really enjoyed her part in the first game, and I can't wait to see where this goes.

The game's theme is 'hate'.


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Oh, neat. It's a nice change of pace now the Ellie is probably more competent by this point in the timeline.

Also, wasn't it Joel who walked in?
So we're gonna make the only likable character in the first game completely unlikable like Joel in the second?
Or maybe Joel is dead and she is imagining him and trying to kill the people who killed him (probably the fireflies), so the hate isn't really towards joel but the complete opposite.
You'll play as Joel at some point, that's 100% guaranteed. Probably when he gets killed. Hopefully it's early in the game.

Druckmann will try to say otherwise though. Remember when Ellie was not going to be playable at all in The Last of Us Part I according to them? Yeah.
what? Joel was very liked.
I understood Joel. I didn't like him. What morally redeeming traits he has are derived from his relationship with Ellie and Tess and even then he gets rough (such as the end of the 1st game). I think that's fine and dandy. But I hope they avoid turning Ellie into Joel 2.0. That's all I ask for.
A main female lead on a AAA game. Oh the comments will be delicious.

EDIT: People seem to be misinterpreting my post.

There will be lots of crying about the fact that its a female lead, is what I meant. I don't get it either, but there will.
You missed Tomb raider?
I hope you can choose Joel when they are doing things together. I liked Ellie in the last game, but the fistfisting Joel had was an aspect that made him best for me. So I really hope we still get to play alot of him also.