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Elon Musk Hosting SNL Tonight


As shit as it was, the episode gifted the Internet this:
I don't think I've seen SNL since the early 90s. Maybe clips here and there. I don't understand why they have so many cast members.
From the short amount I could stand to watch, it was terrible.


The skits I saw weren't horrible, but the monologue was kinda trash, especially the part with his mother. Nothing personal.

strange headache

Fluctuat nec mergitur
This is a perfect microcosm of why SNL is complete trash now.

They come up with a lot of good premises for sketches but can only come up with maybe a minute of content that gets stretched into 5 minutes.

EDIT: started watching that Wario sketch and it's the same thing. A good premise with terrible execution and bad writing.
Yeah it's bad when you can't make it through the whole 5 minutes. I looked at the remaining video-time at about the 2 minute mark.
Too many repetitions of the same joke and some of these are really really stale, like most of the Mario jokes.

When Elon's costume is the funniest part of the sketch, you know it's just not good. Also it feels like they really want to be edgy, but are too afraid to go all in.
Hence why much of it seems rather toothless and tame.
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SNL has in fact been funny for many years. Just hit and miss funny as always. Last nights episode was one giant miss outside of the news segment. You rarely get a good show when the host is a non actor.

that's good to know because this was pretty bad. like worse than random youtubers
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