Embracer Group Interim Report: Dead Island 2 Delayed to April 28th - Saints Row Underperformed - Volition Becoming Part of Gearbox Studios


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Volition devs are exactly the people that you want to integrate in your studios and have a dinner with.
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After witnessing how Volition handled Saints Row and fans/non-fans.

Dead Island 2 looks okay, but Embracer Group in general does not inspire confidence.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

As part of this month's cover story, we ask Dead Island 2's creative director and lead narrative designer 86 rapid-fire questions about the sequel's protracted development, Goat Simulator 3 riffing on Dead Island's iconic trailer, why Dambuster Studios considers Los Angeles an island, and whether the first game's door-breaking mini-game will return.
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