Emily Rogers: Good E3 for Wii U, owning both Wii U and 3DS beneficial in the future.

Are there ANY VC games on the 3DS that are ALSO on the Wii U right now? Is it a coincidence that Balloon Fight is the one ambassador title that hasn't been officially updated yet, and it's also the one NES game from that list that's on the Wii U now? Maybe they're being very careful to not let a person buy a game in both places because they are indeed combining the systems later on, and don't want people to have bought something twice.
Punch-Out is on the 3DS VC if I recall. There's probably others as well.
Cross platform, shared Virtual Console content, so I don't have to buy multiple copies of the same game. Please be this.
That's the obvious, consumer-focused thing to do, so it isn't likely to happen.

Discounts for buying the same game on multiple platforms and a clunky and overly-complicated way to transfer your save data between the two seems like the most likely scenario.
Not getting 'hyped' for Nintendo this E3. Last years hype train crashed spectacularly.
It was bad because they didn't have a killer app to show that everyone was sure was going to be there, so it was kind of a disaster because we literally waited for the E3 after the system announcement to show the games and all the great reasons to buy one last holiday, but instead it just reiterated what the console was and they showed Nintendo Land.

This year they'll have some stuff to show like a not-NSMB Mario, Mario Kart possibly, Zelda possibly... it'll be better. How much better is the real question.
While Nintendo might actually bring it this year at E3, there's two other companies vying for attention - if these alleged announcements end up being not quite as amazing as the others they will walk away from E3 with no mind space.
New Smash alone would make it a great E3 for Nintendo. Since that's already confirmed to be there, Nintendo will surely have a great E3.
Yeah, Smash on 3DS is pretty much all I need. Some nice surprise anouncements like Revelations 2 wouldn't go amiss.

Emily Rogers ‏@Emi1yRogers

Nintendo looking at possibly to bring back gifting, do a feature where some of your Wii U VC games can be playable on 3DS, and vice versa.
This is very reassuring, hopefully this means you'll be able to play GBA titles portably as God intended.
If there's any kind of cross-play stuff, I really hope it's cross-region too. I have a Japanese 3DS and an American Wii U. I already have enough issues trying to play multiplayer 3DS games with American 3DSs, so, yeah... I realize my situation is uncommon though.
Always hoped that gifting would come back. VC Cross-play isn't unexpected either (maybe they'll start up GBA on both consoles at the same time?).
Sounds like that account system stuff perhaps. Game wise, I don't think the saviour being referenced in these veiled comments is MK U or Mario U, but something..something else, god knows what, casual, hardcore, whatever, we'll see.
I hope it's just a unified account system. Cross-play stuff with those two systems would be really dumb. You'd be using like what, four goddamn screens? Just tie a unified account system to the VC and e-shop, and let all VC/e-shop games be played on either system. That's the full extent I'd be willing to go along with.

Savior = Wii Fit U (whether it will be one is up to debate, however)