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Emily Rogers: NX prototype had a 6.2" 720p multi-touch screen, 2 USB ports on dock

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Quick reminder in terms of resolution: A phone is not a video game console.

‏@ArcadeGirl64 1h1 hour ago
"These are all rumors for now. Not facts. Just things that I've been hearing down the grapevine. Could be right, could be wrong. *shrugs*"

Spinoff from the NX motion/force feedback thread:

Her tweets are protected otherwise I would have directly linked them:

Emily Rogers ‏@ArcadeGirl64 5 min
1) This article about NX's detachable controllers supporting force feedback and motion controls has truth.

Emily Rogers ‏@ArcadeGirl64 3 min
2) NX prototype had a 6.2 inch 720p multi-touch touchscreen. Unknown if final product's screen size will be larger / smaller than prototype.

Emily Rogers ‏@ArcadeGirl64 3 min
3) Prototype for dock station has USB ports. I heard 2 usb ports, but I don't know if this number will change in the final product.

Keyword here is "had" so the final product could obviously be different. If she's no longer a reliable source, please close the thread.
If all this pans out this is going to be one fucking good system.

720p is awesome enough, but multitouch could be sweeeeeet if done right.

bracing myself for more leaks


Said it in the other thread but this would be the ideal for me. Not to big, not too small. Not too low res but also not high res enough that performance is hampered.

Monster Hunter will be great on NX.


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first multitouch nintendo product?

Why even ask this question, when you already know the answer?

That seems too big, especially if it has tons of empty plastic space like a lot of the recent first-gen Nintendo stuff.

It really doesn't.

People carry around phones and tablets bigger than this. People are very accepting of more real-estate space as technology advancement has shown.


Where are the weirdos from that other NX speculation thread who thought 720P was DECADENT and WAY TOO HIGH?


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You forgot the Game Freak tweet she made, as well. With that said, here's my thoughts from the other thread.
  • Not surprised about the motion control part for the reasons mentioned earlier, but I'm curious to see how force feedback will work on the NX.
  • If that ends up being the final size for the screen, that's about the size of the Wii U GamePad (if I recall correctly, I don't exactly have a ruler on-hand to measure my GamePad's screen size). Nintendo going for 720p is a bit surprising, but it at least it'll look fine on a TV in the event that Nintendo doesn't have the NX run at a faster clock speed while in Dock Mode.
  • The fact that the dock supposedly has 2 USB ports does confirm that the docking station is more than just a simple HDMI Out, assuming that this is true. That said, I hope they bump the USB port count to 4 in the final product, namely so we can still do 8-Player Smash with 8 GameCube controllers for the Smash 4 port.
  • I've already given my thoughts on the Game Freak report, & this would probably be the fastest that they've ever jumped on a new platform (perhaps Nintendo was adamant about them providing a mainline Pokémon game early in the NX's life to avoid another Gen 5 situation like what happened with the 3DS). If this will be just a Sun/Moon port, a Sun/Moon sequel game, or a Diamond/Pearl remake (which I personally think will be saved for Gen 8) is beyond me. Either way, I'm not expecting anything NX-exclusive from Game Freak (Ex: Pokémon Eclipse being NX-only) until Gen 8, namely for the sake of not screwing over 3DS owners who are already invested in Gen 7.


Multi-touch makes sense if they want their mobile titles to be compatible. The screen size is the same as the Wii U GamePad, which seems a little big for a handheld, but I think people like big screens these days.


You should include this one:

‏@ArcadeGirl64 1h1 hour ago

These are all rumors for now. Not facts. Just things that I've been hearing down the grapevine. Could be right, could be wrong. *shrugs*
Sure hope that's finally a capacitive screen.

So, 720p on the handheld and 1080p on the TV? If it's straight 720p in both scenarios that would be a huge disappointment.


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So not really a handheld. More like a gaming tablet

Pretty much 5" at 540 would be perfect. 6.2" is pretty big once you factor everything else into and and 720 isn't great for battery life, not horrible, but I'd expect only 3DS usage which was pretty abysmal.

Also might not bode as well for 1080p standard for when the unit is docked. Could mean 720p across the board.

Hope they're wrong.


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720p isn't going to cut it. Budget phones and tablets ship with 1080p displays.
But the visual fidelity of smartphone games isn't that good, which won't cut it for a dedicated gaming device that's meant to be a console/handheld hybrid.
I hope this is true. There's no need to bother with a pocket-sized form factor when hardly anyone in 2017 would want to carry NX in their pocket anyway, and a phablet form factor also means room for a larger battery and more surface area to passively dissipate heat.
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