Eminem draws the red line in Hip-Hop Awards cypher

I especially like that he point blank told his Trump supporting fans "fuck you". Like, there's no misinterpreting that. A lot of people hero worship him, and their god just said they suck.

I'm not sure there is a mainstream rapper that has talk more trash about the right-wing and Republicans this century than Em.
Yeah, but he makes gay jokes so they think he's with them.
I don't really listen to ciphers like that but I thought this was good. I'll always respect Em for being down when it came to black issues like this whole NFL kneeling thing. He's a real one for that. Mad respect.


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Imagine being an alt-right piece of trash and thinking Eminem of all people was somehow on your "side". like, you must be a total moron.
the flow on his cypher with Mos Def was better though
Hmm never heard that. Not saying you're wrong, I'm not a fan of choppy flow either. Just reminds me of how poets attack it.

Richard Spencer is a big Depeche Mode fan, and said in an interview that DM's music was rife with uplifting white supremacist themes and the band itself were sympathetic to the Nazi cause.

DM wrote a scathing letter basically telling Richard Spencer to go fuck himself.

The best part is, DM was in the process of writing an album denouncing Trump and the rise of nationalism when Spencer made his statement.
Holy shit this is great! Hahaha. Don't you dare ruin my DM!

It's because he's white and friends with Kid Rock.

No, I wish I was kidding.

Source: I grew up in suburban/exurban Detroit. Generally the white kids there love them both (maybe Kid Rock more because he's "a redneck like them")
Makes no sense. Kid Rock is a sellout, but how the hell do normal people think that his rich ass is anything like them? I mean I get it, but I don't. Lol
I don't think he cares about his flow here, it's about the message. I don't care about his flow either, he's speaking out, something more people should be doing.
yeah i think it was awesome, the only downside is the flow but the rest of the package outweighs that.

i also like the fact that he was wearing a gold chain
Oh god are we gonna get a 3 am tweet storm of Eminem hate rants from Trump? God damn it. Also beef with the President is something that would work GREATLY in Em's favor.

And yes, it is sad that THIS is something I have to think about the president doing


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I'm waiting for Trump to what-he-thinks-is-subtly dog-whistle at Eminem for "acting black" or something similar.

My bet is on him calling him a thug.
I really want him to respond. It's well known that other rappers even won't start a war of words with Em so let's see what happens.
I mostly hate Eminem's stuff (but respect the talent). This was good, and he's a great messenger for it considering how many of the reddit/4chan/South Park axis love him.