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Emma Stone is in Death Stranding leaked image , could be fake



This image popped on 4chan and reddit last day , surprised to see no thread about it but it seems like she is in the game if image is correct
supposedly image is from E3 presentation leak.

what do you think? Does this game needs anymore celebrity ?


MIRROR image for who cant see it.


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Appearently i am IP banned from 4chan? Never had anything to do with that place.

Edit: looks fake


While there's a good chance she's in it, this is almost definitely fake. Really doubt Kojima would dress her up identically to Mads character - not because he's perverted or anything, but just because it's boring design.


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If, after all those years, you still believe Kojima's stuff gets leaked then you deserve this nonsense.


Appearently i am IP banned from 4chan? Never had anything to do with that place.

Edit: looks fake

I had the same thing happen to me before when someone linked something from 4chan on reddit.

Appearently it happens when someone spoofed his IP to be something similar to yours.to bypass a ban.


It looks like her and Mads seemingly winked at her being in it. The chatter about Kojima and wanting to be a Hollywood style director plus more 4chan leaks.. it is not a shock if this is true and she is one of the Ludens like Mads. I hope Idris makes it in.
Yeah, anybody (with some talent) can 'shops that, it's just Emma Stone with Mads's clothes and the weird black thing, I doubt Kojima Prod' will give her that look if she's in the game.


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Yeah, maybe daughter or clone?

it is mgs after all


My line of thinking was; copy it from Mads pic, then paste Stone. Photoshop done.

Edit; Somebody please watch "Aloha"'and tell us if a scene with her in that outfit and hair is there please.

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Um. Unless Emma Stone is a huge gamer AND willing to go well under quote, that's a fake.

No way Sony pays for Mads, Stone and Reedus (he still in it?) on top of what will already be an expensive game.
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