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Trailer Ender Lilies will be a Metroidvania where defeated bosses become allies

May 9, 2019
Another Metroidvania has a release date. This time, it’s Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights. It’ll show up on PCs on January 21, 2021, via Steam’s early access program, though we don’t know exactly how complete that build will be. Later, in the second quarter of 2021, it will show up on consoles like the Switch, PS4, and Xbox Series X.

In Ender Lilies, players follow a priestess named Lily. She’s the only person who seems to be left in the Kingdom of the End after an apocalypse. Your goal is to help her get through the dangerous and dilapidated castle, to find out why the Dying Rain fell, what’s going on, and hopefully bring peace to the area. The twist is, Lily doesn’t actually fight. Rather, the bosses you fight turn into her allies after she purifies them. They then fight for her.

The official trailer offers an idea of how this work. Lily can have two sets of spirits companying her at each time, with three in each set. (These can be leveled up.) Each one represents a character she might have purified, who will then fight for her. So in the video below, we see Knight Captain Julius, who uses a lance to jab enemies, Guardian Silva, which uses a hammer to attack, The Mad Knight Ulv, who uses claws to slash enemies, and Dark Witch Elaine, who sends out magical homing blasts to attack far away foes.

Looks pretty interesting and unique.